Saturday, October 2, 2010

Month end totals- Sept 2010

I haven't posted my totals in a while and now it's time for the whole month!
So for the last two weeks:

Sept 19-25
Spent: $36.86 reg
$9.65 TJ
Saved: $256.76
Earned: $13.59 SCR, 17 UPs, $16 ECBs, $6 cats

Sept 26-Oct 2
Spent: $115.18 (made up for last week!)
TJ: $52.14
Saved: $548.02
Earned: $58.50 UP, $4 SCR, $5 cat, $5 RR, and free pink cookware of some kind.

Sept 5-Oct 2
Spent: $372.02
Saved: $1,711.65!!

Under budget this month! Oct may not be, with extra birthday expenses and a beach vacation planned.

Wags Sept 26-Oct 2

There were a few things I needed on sale at Walgreens this week plus my $5 RR was expiring, so I had to go roll it! I keep waiting for a really good week...... but this week wasn't bad. I did have to drop the Pantene Beautiful lengths deal from my scenario as my store didn't carry it.

did this in two transactions.
Spent: $3.53
Saved: $25.27
earned: $12 RR, $5 RR remaining for next time.

Rite Aid BIG WEEK! Sept 26-Oct 2

WOW RITE AID!! I went 3 times this week!

Trip #1
I did the P&G deal 3 times here- buy $30 worth of select products, get $10 UP.
In total, I spent $8.99 (almost all tax),  saved $129.80 and earned $30 UP and $2 SCR (gillette). I didn't get my Oral care gift card in time for this week to cover the tax, so I actually had OOP expenses this week.

Trip #2

I ran out of time to do my next transactions so came back in two days for these 3! 
Total spent: $7.15 saved: $92.06 earned: $18.50 UP and $2 SCR (Eos lip balm).

Transaction #3 
I went to a different store to do the Olay deal again as my favorite Franklin store was out of the eye rollers by the time I got back there.

No picture but I'll write it out for you!
1 Olay eye roller $21.99
I Olay moisturizer $7.64 (included 10% automatic discount for being at the Silver level)
1 olay might moisturizer $4.24(BOGO 50% off)
1 Sobe 1.34 (also 10% off)

- 19.99 Buy two Olay Moisturizers get eye roller for free up to 19.99 mq
-2 -1x2 Olay Mq 
-4 (-2x2) Olay skin care q from Flu book)
-1/10 Skin care RA IP
- $1.34 Free Sobe q (expiring that day so had to use it up!)
-2 UP from earlier transaction
= -.12
plus tax= 
$2.56 OOP
Got back

Totals for all week:
Spent: $18.70
Saved: $262.44
Earned: $58.50 UP
$4 SCR

QUITE a week! I think next week is slower. I need a break!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rite Aid Sept 12-18

I did just two easy transactions at RA today. Not too much that I wanted and it was nice to take a bit of a break! I forgot to post last week's, but I'll post the pict after as it was a super good haul!

3 Garnier Nutrisse at $5.99 ea= $17.97
1 Crest 3D 2.99
1 chips ahoy (filler) .71  with 10% discount for being at Silver level
1 Sobe ( was dying of thirst)  1.34 after 10% discount
-4/20 VV
-3 Garnier x 3=-9 (RP 9/12)
-2 Garnier x3 =-6 (RA store coupon from Flu book)
-2 Garnier VV q
- .75 Crest PG 8/29
-1.49 Free SObe q from the game
plus tax = $1.13
Earned: 6.50 UP,  2 SCR (crest)

1 Clariol grey solutions 8.99
1 maybelline mascara 40% off 3.11
1 playtex tampons 4
2 Benevia 8.99 BOGO

-2 Clariol hair color q PG 8/29
-5x2 Benevia q = -10
-2 Playtex IP
-1 Maybelline Great lash IP
- 2 Maybelline VV
-3 UP rewards from last week
plus tax 1.82 on g/c

Spent 0.00
Saved: 70.13
Earned 15.50 UP
Love it!

Wags Sept 15

I had RR expiring today do had to get this deal done! I had tried once on Mon and one of my coupons wouldn't go through. So I came home, checked it out, it was fine so I tried again today at a different store and they were willing to push it through! So, only one transaction but an expensive one, so the tax was high (darn TN state sales tax!)

3 Dulcolax 4.1 oz 6.99x3= 20.97
2 Nyquil 5.00 x 2= 10
2 Schick intuition refills  =21.98
2 seed packets on clearance  .16 ea x 2= .28
-10.99 bogo sale on schick
-8 (2)  4 schick facebook qs (the ones to cause all the problems)
-16 (2) 8 Dulcolax try me free IP
-3 Dulcolax SS 8/08 or 9/12
-6 Dulcolax Wags Sept coupon book q (2 ea)
-3  (2) 1.50 Nyquil q's
- 4RR
-1RR ( I had a 2RR I should have used but did the math wrong- oh well)
Subtotal: $1.28
+lots of tax=
Saved: $64.13
Got back 5RR (Nyquil)

There is a better deal with the Nyquil Vanilla swirl but of course, not to be found here yet as seems to be the case with any new products:  we get it later. It does sound disgusting though, and we actually will use the gel caps! And I LOVE the schick intuition razor. So easy to use. While I don't need the Dulcolax, it helped pay for what I did need.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rite Aid Aug 31

This was a hard one to take pictures of- all little stuff.
I did only 2 transactions.
Bought 1 Pantene Restoratives
1 Nivea Lip
2 Nivea men's body wash
2 Gain dish soap
1 Always
1 Butt paste (amused my boys to no end)
2 pepsi max
Spent $2.55
Saved: $39.19
Earned $5 UP rewards and 1.99 SCR for Nivea lip and $1 SCR for Always

Did the buy $50 worth get a $15 UP
I did buy 2 of the wrong toothbrushes but exchanged those and it all worked out in the end;
4 Pulsar Toothbrushes
2 3D white toothbrushes
4 Old Spice men's deo
2 Secret deo
1 gain
-$5 UP
Spent: $12.50 (missing a $4 q)
Saved: $57.66
Earned: $15 UP, and $3 SCR

I can give further details if wanted, just let me know!

Rite Aid Aug 31

This was a hard one to take pictures of- all little stuff.
I did only 2 transactions.
Bought 1 Pantene Restoratives
1 Nivea Lip
2 Nivea men's body wash
2 Gain dish soap
1 Always
1 Butt paste (amused my boys to no end)
2 pepsi max
Spent $2.55
Saved: $39.19
Earned $5 UP rewards and 1.99 SCR for Nivea lip and $1 SCR for Always

Did the buy $50 worth get a $15 UP
I did buy 2 of the wrong toothbrushes but exchanged those and it all worked out in the end;
4 Pulsar Toothbrushes
2 3D white toothbrushes
4 Old Spice men's deo
2 Secret deo
1 gain
Spent: $12.50 (missing a $4 q)
Saved: $57.66
Earned: $15 UP, and $3 SCR

I can give further details if wanted, just let me know!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly totals Aug 22-28

I did really well this week! But I'm already eating into my savings with the start of this week! Yikes! We were out of everything it seemed, so I had to spend some money today. Also, it's a month with 5 weeks in in it, so I guess I'll just add on to my budget for an extra week.

This week:
Spent: $43.55
Saved: $487.98!!
Earned: $33.49 SCR, $5 MIR (publix gift card)

So far this month I've spent $205.93 regular budget, add in Whole Foods/TJ = $310.69 for the first 4 weeks! That's about $100 underbudget! I'l make it up this week though, esp. as it's been 4 weeks since I've been to TJ so I need to go again. Normally, this would be the start of another 4 weeks monthly period but it's not. So? I guess we'll see!
 At least I do this only for myself so the rules are completely made up by me!:)
Saved: $1745.57!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rite Aid Aug 22-28

Crazy week at Rite Aid! I've been twice. I'm just posting pictures and totals! Listing everything would take forever! If anyone really wants to know, I can be more specific.

This is day 1- 4 transactions!
Spent: $10.43
But paid almost all with my RA gift card so OOP: .67
Saved: $130.38
Earned: $18.49 SCR

So, day 2. I didn't do NEARLY as well as day 1. Spent way more than usual but it happens sometimes!
2 transactions:
Spent: $14.71- this includes a legitimate coupon that wouldn't scan for $2.50 so def. should have been at least that much less. I may take it back in later. My super helpful manager wasn't in and the cashiers were already nervous about price matching a few items to the National ad.
Saved: $53.21
Earned: $15 SCR
So at least I earned back what I spent!

Totals Aug 15-21

Just realized I forgot to post this!
Spent: $46.74
Saved: $377.49
Earned: $4 cat Kroger
$7.99 SCR Rite Aid

 Pretty slow week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rite Aid Aug 15-21

A slower week at Rite Aid but I still did one transaction and got a few essentials! FYI: Next week is looking amazing at Rite Aid!!

I needed the tape and Purex is always good to have. The Contact solution is a big MM this week and I have a box of 6 to send to my husband's nieces!

Crest 2.99
Complete 7.99
Purex 5.99
tape 4.29- 2 from National ad in ad q. Bryan is an awesome manager at the Franklin store and will accept an internet print out of the National ad (we get a short ad here in TN) for a few items and will price match to it.
4 Rolaids $1 ea
=5/25 IP
-1 Complete RP 8/15
-3 Purex RP 8/15
-.75 Crest PG 8/1
-(2) 4/2 Rolaids
- 6 UP rewards from previous weeks
= 1.51 plus tax= 3.20 put on my G/C so no Oop
saved: $36.71
earned: 7.99 SCR; 1.50 UP for Crest, 1UP for Purex.

CVS Aug 15-21

I was finally able to complete my CVS shopping for the week. I struck out earlier in the week with empty shelves but today I was able to find all I needed to get my TP!
I did 3 transactions; one on Sunday and the other two today- Fri.

Transaction #1
Store was out of Dulcolax still and Zegerid so I had to come up with a new plan.
Blink 7.99
Crest 3.49
4 Sobe  @1.59 for 2. Other two Free
3 Dove chocolate bars (not pictured because, um, I ate them all already. Yikes .89 for two, 3rd one free
-4 Blink peelie (found at Wags)
-.75 Crest PG 8/1
-1.59 BOGO SObe q
-1.59 BOGO Sobe q
-.50 on two Dove bars CVS CRT
- 5 ECB
-2 ECB
=1.01 plus tax
Saved: $23.00
Earned: 7.99 ECB Blink; 2.50 ECB Crest; 1 ECB Green bag tag

Dulcolax Rain check from last week 9.99
Zegerid 9.99
= 19.98
-5 Dulcolax from All You mag (there are $4 ones in insert)
-4 Zegerid insert?
-7.99 ECB (blink)
-2.50 ECB (crest)
=.49 plus tax=
Saved: 25.49
earned: 10 ecb dulcolax, 7 ECB Zegerid

Cottonelle 18 pack 9.97
Crest 3.49
Trident Layers 1.49
Trident Layers 1.49
-1 mq Cottonelle catalina from Kroger. .50 ones in insert
-2 CVS CRT for cottonelle
-.75 Crest q PG 8/1
-1/2 Trident layers IP (mine expired TODAY and I love this gum and am totally out!)
-10 ECB
-1 ECB
=.69 plus tax=
Saved: 20.27
earned 2.50 Crest and still have 7 ECB from Zegerid for next time!

So for the week:
Spent: $6.02 for all that- and that is mostly tax!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finals for Aug 8-14

Had a pretty good week totals wise but it was a tough week kid wise. I SO look forward to shopping this week with both boys in school!!!!!!!! All day!!!!! (Well, except Mon, my Kindergartener has a half day on Mon) but Tues is the DAY after almost 8 years at home with one child or another. Of course, I'll still be at the school a lot helping out!

Spent: $42.16
Saved: $403.54
WF: $4.32
Saved: $1.00
Earned: $10 Cat (HT),  $4 cat (Kroger), a movie ticket (poptarts- immediately sent to work with my husband), and I submitted for the Schick Hydro rebate!

I shopped a bit of HT Superdoubles and will do more this Tues when I am kid free! I had a GREAT Publix shop on Wed (had only 1 child with me)- I went negative by about $2 (bought a $10 Gift card to cover it) and saved $135.21!
I had a hard time squeezing in the drug stores this week. Ended up getting a raincheck at CVS for the Dulcolax (Still not in today), and doing a Rite Aid trip Thurs afternoon, with only 1 transaction and hitting up Wags on Friday to roll my RR as there is NOTHING there this week! I will post my shops this week though!  With pictures. I promise. I have everything from last week ready to photograph but it's over now, so not much point, I guess! I did quite well at Wags though! And got free Tide at Rite Aid!

I did one CVS transaction today but I hope to do two more if I can find the Dulcolax and Zegerid in. I want to get in on the Cottonelle TP!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What happened to me?

Well, last week I did do a lot of drugstore shopping and I DID take a picture of all 4 shops but I never got around to posting them:( I worked ALL weekend then have the kids this week still and it's been insane. I haven't even made it to the drug stores yet. I did hit up HT today for Super doubles and had an awesome trip to Publix.
School starts TOMORROW!!! Really, next week before they are really going but then I hope to be able to post more faithfully.
Until then....

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekly Totals and month end July

This week I didn't shop much except for my awesome Rite Aid trip and then to Kroger just now and one or two good trips to Publix.

Spent: $48.94
Saved: $346.59
Earned: $2.99 SCR

It's also time for the month end totals too!

Spent: $445.04  (a bit over my $425 monthly budget)
Saved: $1555.30!
Earned: $45.96 SCR (makes my for my $20 over for sure!)

Restocking after vacation took some effort and a little more $$$ than usual I guess!

Kroger July 31

Just had a great trip to Kroger! I know I need to get into the picture taking more, but it's been so hot out, I pretty much want to get everything put away ASAP! I promise I'll take one of my Rite Aid trip this week though!

So today:
I did 2 transactions at Kroger:
5 Benevia on clearance 3.99 ea
-5/1 IP x 5
4 shredded cheese $2.99 ea
- 1/2 blinking x2
1 cheese slices $1.79
-.75 mq from Kroger mailer( soccer one I think)
1 clearance soy yogurt .59
1 dessert topping 2.99
-.55 mq
1 Ronzoni smart taste pasta $1
-1/1 q from parents mag
Saved: $33.35 (and this does not include the Benevia clearance price savings which I usually include but  didn't)
Earned: $5 cat from Cheese
$2.50 cat from dessert topping

Transaction #2
4 silk soymilk at $2.99 ea
- BOGO x2
-$2/1 x 2
Cereal for Cal $2.39
Soy ice cream for me $2.99
2 Herdez Salsa at $1.79 ea
-.50 MQ bought on Ebay x2
2 packages Laura's lean gr beef on Manager's special at $2.69 ea
2 packages LL gr beef patties on MS at $2.97 ea
-2 off beef when you buy Herdez salsa  bought on ebay
6 travel sominex on clearance for .50
-2/1 qs x6 (also bought on Ebay back when this was a MM at Publix, they expire TODAY!)
-$5 cat
-$2.50 cat
= $4.46
Saved: $48.52

YMMV on getting overage at Kroger. Yes, the Sominex coupons beeped but then so did my Silk ones and even my Ronzoni where there was no overage involved. Benevia does not as the original price is $7.99 I think. My cashier pushed them all through.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Awesome Rite Aid trip- July 26

Had another great trip to Rite Aid! I also got in the mail last week my two skin care gift cards, which I use to help pay the tax on my Rite Aid trips!

Today I spent $5 off my gift card plus .62 oop and saved..... $95.28!!! And not on useless fillers for the most part, I got quite a few things I needed too.

Transaction #1
1 colgate $3
2 Stayfree $3ea= $6
2 Rolaids softchew $1ea=$2
1 Nivea lotion $5.99
1 Reach Toothbrush $3.99
1 Breathe right $3.99=
-1 Colgate SS 7/11
-3 Stayfree BOGO RP 6/27
-4 Rolaids 4/2 RP 6/06
-3 Nivea RP 7/25
-1 reach toothbrush IP
-1.50 Breathe right RP 4/11
- $6 UP rewards from last week
= .47 plus $1.85 tax= $2.32
Earned: $2.99 SCR(reach)
$8 UP rewards

Transaction #2
1 lunch box/bag $4.99 (on sale 50% off)
1 Listerine $5.49
4 Rolaids $1 ea=$4
2 Nivea men's body wash $1.99 ea = $3.98
1 Brawny Paper Towels $6.99=
-1 Listerine IP
(-1 Listerine VV- forgot mine)
- (2) $4/2 rolaids= -8
-4/2 Nivea body wash IP
-.50 Brawny RP 6/27  =
-$6 Up rewards= .95
with tax= $2.84
Earned: $7 UP rewards

Transaction #3
1 Colgate $3
2 Rolaids $2
-1 colgate
-4 rolaids=
0 plus .46 tax
Earned: $3 UP

I have $15 UP rewards for next time.

Finals July 18-24

This was a hard week to shop with the kids home and the heat, but I still managed to go a little over what I had hoped anyway! I did have several AWESOME trips to Publix though and I saved a ton this week!

Spent: $57.42
Saved: $449.64
Earned: $15 SCR

Spent: $5.44
Saved: $94.91

Spent: $2.79
Saved: $41.37

Spent: $1.37
Saved: $52.66

It was Kroger that sent some of my totals up but I did alright there this week too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rite Aid July 18-24

This is the last week for the July SCR period.  RA is also changing things up- not for the best for us, sadly! Starting with the July Video Values, they are coded for ONE use only, which is a bummer, but understandable, I suppose:) This was still a good week though, and the Garnier VV q that I used was from June so I was able to use 4 of those still. This first transaction is from Brandy of I prefer Publix, with one change as the IP for the Smooth Move tea is out of prints.

2 Garnier cleansers $6.29
1 Dulcolax $9.99
1 Axe body spray/deo $3.99
Total: $26.26
-5/25 ip
-(2) x $5 In ad q for Garnier= -$10
-(2) x $2 VV q for garnier = -$4
-(2) x $1 Mq for Garnier RP 7/11
-(1) x$4 Dulcolax IP or SS 5/16
-(1) x$1 axe VV q
-(1) x $1 Axe mq (Ip but don't know where I got it from)

$1.55 with tax
Earned: $9.99 SCR
$3 UP reward garnier
$1Up Axe

Cover Girl Lash Blast $6.99
Cover Girl Smokey Shadow Blast $6.99
Motrin PM $5.99
Dove Body Wash $4.99
Total: $24.96
- $2 CG Lashblast PG 6/06
- free eye enhancer when you buy mascara -6.99 PG 7/04
-$1.25 Dove MQ RP 6/27
-$1 Dove VV q
-$1 Motrin pm mq 7/18
-$3 Motrin pm in ad q
-$1 Motrin pm VV q
-$3 UP from last transaction=
.72 or $2.84 with tax
Earned: $5 SCR (covergirl)
$1 UP Dove
$2 UP Motrin PM

2 Garnier @ $6.29 ea
1 Cottonelle TP $6.99
2 Kotex @ $3.50 ea

All the Garnier qs from the 1st transaction
-$1 Cottonelle VV q
-.50 Cottonelle Mq SS 7/11 or IP
-(2) kotex by U MQ IP
-(1) kotex VV q from July
- $1 Up reward=
.07 or $2.07 with tax
$3 up Garnier
$1 up Cottonelle
$1 Up Kotex

Spent: $6.46
Saved: $94.52
earned: $14.99 SCR
Have $8 UP rewards left

Hope this helps! Change things around for what you need. I needed the TP and the mascara mostly and the Axe for my husband, so I worked everything else around what made me the most $$. Garnier is a MM and the Dulcolax is a big SCR amount!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CVS July 18-24

A few good deals to be had today. The first CVS I went to was already out of the Biotrue contact solution and the scanner machine was broken, so I bought only the pretzel M & Ms there and moved on to another one!
(2) Pretzel M&Ms @.50 ea= $1.00
- .50 BOGO coupon RP 6/27
Total: .58
Got back 1 ECB

(2) Biotrue solution 2 oz. $2.99 ea
(1) Celsius green tea $7.99
- (2) $2 biotrue IP
- $2 Celsius tea IP
-$7.97 ECB ($7.99 from last week adjusted down)
=.00 or .37 tax.
 Got back $13.97 ECB
Saved: $13.97

1 schick razor blades $8.99
5 cases of coke products 5/$13
-$4 schick q from All you july
- $14.97 ECB
= Sub: $3.02
Total: $4.86
Got back $4 ECB from razor blades.
Saved: $35.42

#4 free hand sanitizer pen
I forgot I had that coupon I received in an email and it expired today so grabbed that and paid nothing.
saved: $1.99

Spent: $5.81
Saved: $52.66
Have $9 ECBs left ($5 from last week and $4 from the razor refill!)
Hopefully this will keep my husband in soda for a while!

NOTE: I would normally have only done 2 transactions here- the m&ms were meant to be included in the first transaction and the hand sanitizer could have been in any of them- just forgot about it!

Weekly Totals July 11-17

Well another week of going way over budget; the next two weeks are going to be light on shopping for me! I feel somewhat caught up now from vacation- only took two weeks!

Spent: $115.70
Saved: $345.85

Spent TJ/WF: $92.25
Saved: $5.41

Earned: $4.69 SCR

Quite a bit worse than last week, even. I had a few more expensive trips to Kroger and I stocked up on ibuprophen at Rite Aid that ended up costing more than I had planned. I did have a few really good Publix trips though:
Spent: $13.55
Saved: $61.99
Spent: $9.90
Saved: $45.05

This is a great week for CVS so I will post that next! Rite Aid is good too, but we didn't get all the deals in our lame short ad, in fact, we didn't get the BEST deal, the Zegerid, so that is a big bummer.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drug store deals July 11-17

Not much in the way of drug store deals this week. Walgreens has NOTHING so unless you have RR expiring, I would skip it. Unfortunately, all $8 worth of RR that I had left expired TODAY so I had to go. It wasn't great.

CVS has a few deals this week and it is the beginning of the school supplies deals! Those are quite good.
I had hoped to get two packages of Cottonelle TP on the BOGO sale, but they rang up at $12.49 ea!!! That's a horrible price, even for CVS and I decided not worth it! Even at Wags, the regular price on the 12 pack is $5.99 and they are on sale at HT and Kroger this week for SO MUCH cheaper that I didn't wan to use up ALL my ECBS on that. They will have a better deal again.
Here's what I did:
1 Complete contact solution. $7.99
1 papermate pens 10 ct              .99
1 Scissors (for kids)                   .99

-2 mq on Contact (RP 5/16)
-8 ECB from last week
Subtotal: -.03
Total: .89
Got back: $7.99, .99 and .99 ECB for the above items and $1 more for the 4x on my bag tag!

(2) John Frieda products:
-3 Root awakening SS 6/06 (my last one or I would have used 2 of these!)
-2 JF product SS 6/06
-$2.98 ECB from previous transaction

Sub: $2.02
Total: $2.85
Got back $5 ECB for a total of $12.99 in ECB left for next time. My plan changed a little with the TP price so I couldn't use the $7.99 ECB without losing too much of it!
Saved(on both together):

I'm working on Rite Aid still!


So long time! We got back last week but last week was a whirl wind of trying to re-stock the house after coming back to NOTHING. I still have nothing, despite going quite a bit over my budget. I did stock up on meat some at Kroger, finding quite a few managers specials there this week. I went to Rite Aid, Target twice, CVS, and Publix 4 times trying to score some deals. Slim pickings. I hope this week is better! And I forgot several q's, $3 worth at Rite Aid which still annoys me and a couple more at Publix. Argg.

Spent $112.16
Saved: $407.51
Whole Foods: $16.07 (mostly soy yogurt at Kroger for Cal; he missed it but man, it's $1.25 ea there!)
Earned: $23.39 in SCR
$15 Target gift cards, $10 left.

I didn't post my June month end, it's a bit off because of preparing for traveling but here's what I got:
Month of June (may 30-June 26th)
Spent: $420.47
earned: $43 SCR
$30 GC (rite aid)

Then there is a "free" week . June 27-July 3rd I just did on it's own. We got back late on the 2nd. I shopped in Pinetop, AZ where the ONLY stores are a Safeway, a Walmart and a Walgreens. That is it.
I spent $65.84 that week, including a quick trip to Publix on the 3rd when we were back for a few vitals.
saved: $69.70 which is pretty bad for me! But the only savings at Walmart was a $1 coupon I had.

So onto the month of July!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rite Aid- June 20-26

We leave on vacation on Wed so I am going crazy getting ready for that! I did manage to make it to Rite Aid yesterday though. I didn't see anything to get excited about at CVS this week and I might go to Wags if I have time to roll a few RR that expire next Sunday. There IS a Walgreens where we are going in AZ but NO Rite Aid! I haven't checked for a CVS yet.

So the biggest deal at RA this week is the Motrin PM-20 ct
Transaction #1
1 motrin pm 20 ct $3
-$3 Mq from RP 4/18
pay  .28 tax
Get back $3 UP reward

1 motrin $3
2 U Kotex $3.50 ea =$7
1 Colgate total $2.99
1 Clariol hair color $7.49=
-$5/20 VV
-$3/1 Motrin
-$2/2 Kotex SS 5/16
-(2) $1/1 Kotex VV q's (maybe from last month?)
-$1 Colgate SS 6/06
-$1 Clariol PB 6/06
-$2.50 in ad q clairol
-$3 Up q from previous transaction
Sub: .98
Total with tax: $2.41
Get Back:
$3 Up from Motrin
$2 Up from colgate
$2 Up from Clariol
 Submit for $3 SCR for Kotex

I had 5 motrin q's so I did 2 more single transactions just for the $3 UP one of which didn't print (4 out of 5 did- can't explain why the one in the middle didn't. If I have time I will try to return it and re- buy it if they will let me)

then I bought some stuff I really needed; I'm about out of my Aveeno face moisturizer so i decided to try the Garnier skin care as it was on sale and has coupons;

Last transaction:

Garnier eye cream $13.49
Garnier moisturizer $6.74 (bogo 50%)
Motrin pm
2 Snap and seal boxes for the kids in the car $1.50 ea=$3
Total: $26.23
-(2) $1/1 Garnier MQ RP 3/07
-(2) $2/1 Garnier VV q (from this month!)
-$3 Motrin
-$10 UP coupons from previous transactions ( $2, $2, $3 $3)
I should have had one more $3 from the one Motrin that didn't print.  But without it:
Subtotal: $2.23
with tax: $4.19
Got back:
$3 UP reward for next time
and the Garnier completed my skin care rebate buy $50 of qualified products get a $25 gift card with an extra $5 bonus from Wellness.
SO NOT bad for getting some items I needed!

Total spent:
$7.44 (and $4.19 of that came off my allergy rewards gift card that I got this week!)
Total Saved:
Earned: $6 SCR (3 for Kotex and I had an "only for you" email deal  for $3 back on Clairol) plus a $30 GC! And $3 UP reward leftover.

FYI: this is the last week for the June SCR period. After you have entered your receipts your final purchases for the week, you can request your check for the month! Hopefully you got some in last week, this week, not much in the way of SCR but good UP rewards!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finals for June 6-12

Spent a lot this week at Rite Aid more than usual for drug store deals but I will get it all back in a SCR and I got some batteries that I really needed for our upcoming camping trip!

Spent: $76.12
Saved: $280.88
Earned: $24 SCR

TJ: $63.08
WF: $19.16

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Walgreens June 13-19

Here is my Wags scenario for this week: The goal this week was 4 cases of Rootbeer/7UP on sale 4/12 with $2 RR back. I also really want to do the Neutrogena scenario with the facial wash soap but they did not have it at my Wags. I don't think they carry it. I will look elsewhere for it. It's a great deal! (see Southern savers post today for details- and let me know if any of you see it anywhere in our area!)

I did 5 transactions:
1 Nivea Body wash for men $5.99
1 Listerine Whitening with Restoring $6.49 ( higher than on the list as the in ad q specifies with restoring)
1 filler- I found .15 wrapping paper!!

1 Nivea q RP 5/2 -$3
1 Listering Whitening q IP from -$2
Listerine in ad q -$3
1$3 RR from last week (clairol) -$3

Total with tax: $2.52
Saved: $11
Got back: $6 RR
MIR: $10 back on Listerine Whitening!

1 Nivea body wash $5.99
1 filler .15 wrapping paper

Nivea q -$3
-2 RR from Ecotrin

Saved: $5
Earned :$6RR

Repeat #2 two more times!

4 cases of soda 4/$12
2 $6 RR from previous transactions:
Subtotal: 0
Tax: .93
Earned: $2 RR

Spent: $8.58
Saved: $45.96
Have $14 RR remaining.
$10 MIR rebate

Got 4 cases of soda, 4 body wash, listerine, and 4 wrapping paper (very useful filler for once and MUCH healthier than the candy bars). I can use all of this too!

Supposedly the Nivea is ringing up BOGO so there is another scenario I might try with my last two Nivea qs- as I am out of $2 RR. I have NOT confirmed this for our area though. But my receipt does say BGLP after the Body Wash which means Buy one get one at lower price supposedly.

Buy 2 @ $5.99
(one is free)
.15 filler
use 2 -$3 Nivea q's
 Pay only filler and tax. Get a $6 RR!

CVS June 13-19

As promised here is my CVS deal for the week. I just went so this is how it went down. I needed TP so I make a deal to get it for free!

2 old Spice (or Gillette body wash) $4 ea
1 Cottonelle 12 pk $5.97
2 Clip on repellent refills $2.99 ea
1 Dove chocolate bar .89

At the scanner machine I didn't get the body wash q that some others are getting but I DID get a free Dove candy bar or $2 off a bag.

1 BOGO Old Spice q (PG 6/6) -$4
1 Cottonelle - From All You July-$1
2  Clip on Ip from CVS site -$3 ea (were adjusted down to $2.99) -$5.98
1 Dove CVS q took off the full $2! -$2
8 ECB from a couple weeks ago -$8
I had to throw in a .33 carmel or lose some of my ECB
Subtotal: .19
Total: $2.15
Saved: $31.48
Got back 8 ECBs!! Not 4. It says limit one but it is actually limit 2 on the body wash!
I have $9 ECB for next time.

So not bad for 3 items I really needed- the TP and the 2 Clip on refills. And free chocolate!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Email posts

Hey, if you would like to be added to my email list, let me know. You will then receive an email of all my posts. Since I don't post all that often (although I hope to increase my posting!) this can be useful and also won't fill up your inbox! I just need your email address to add it to the list.

Trader Joe's

I did my monthly (sometimes I go 2x a month) trip to Trader Joe's on Wed. A few of you have asked what I buy there. Mostly I get natural foods I couldn't buy elsewhere (except Whole Foods) like nitrate free turkey bacon  ($2.99) and turkey bologna ($2.49).
Also, they have a great frozen meal section where all the meals contain only ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. These are splurge items for us, so I only get a few, but they keep my  husband from eating fast food for a few days anyway. He liked the tamales (2 for $2.29) and enchiladas ($1.69).
I buy fish sticks or nuggets here (nuggets $3.99).
I also buy my kids' cereal bars here. There are the same price now at Whole Foods though but they like the TJ brand ones. ($1.69 for a box of 6). I do occasionally buy my son his favorite cereal, Corn Flakes, there although it's painful to pay $2.49 for a box of cereal but I won't buy Kelloggs for him as they use High Fructose Corn Syrup in theirs.
They are also good for snack foods- I bought a 1lb bag of raw almonds ($4.49) and snap pea crisps for $1.49.
A few other staples:
Maple agave syrup: $3.29
WW hamburger buns $1.89
Chicken mushroom ravioli $2.79 ( one of my favorite dinner splurges!)
Shredded soy cheese: $3.79 (the ONLY store in Mid Tn to have this brand- the best one!)

So while it's hard to have a grocery tab in the $60 range!!, it's like a little vacation for me once a month to shop without coupons, and planning and buy a few healthy items.

Blog updates!

Today is the last day for the current Green Adv. buy flyer. It has been the source of quite a few MM so I am sad to see it go. I ran out to Publix last night at Nipper's to stock up a bit but they were finally out of all the MM. SO today may be anticlimatic if no one has any in stock but it's been a good run. There are some MMaking opportunities in the new Green Adv. buy coming out on Sat as well. Stay tuned for those.

I am also planning on listing drug store scenarios starting with the coming week's ads. You can  get the lists from Southern Savers, then add to it with my info. I also recommend Wild for Wags blog for Walgreen updates.
Also, remember for Rite Aid that SS does her list from the Long Ad and we get the Short Ad here in Nashville so remember to go through your list and check it with our ad before planning your trip or your scenarios are destined to not work out. Watch the Video Values too and print some coupons. It's called Ad Perk.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Publix trips 6/1 and 6/2

There are fabulous deals to be had at Publix right now. We returned from our weekend away with NO food in the house. So I have made two more expensive trips to Publix and one to Walgreens with more planned. With the kids out of school, it's harder to fit in all the shops I usually do, so while I had some great overages, I had to buy more so my bills are about twice what they usually are. Also, I feel compelled to buy only the natural beef, which I usually get at Kroger, but I haven't made it there so I had to buy some Publix Greenwise beef which is a bit pricey!

June 1
Spent: $31.77
Saved: $85.98

June 2
Spent: $31.24
Saved: $110.95

On the 1st I shopped at Moore's Lane and they only had a few MM in so I didn't do quite as well but there were some things I had to get. Today I shopped at Nippers and they were fully stocked. I had tons of overage. My OOP crept up there on produce and Greenwise steak.  I did get a lot for $22! ($9 of that OOP is tax!)

Monthly and weekend finals!

May has been a crazy month- and then we went away for Memorial day weekend.
Here are my totals for  last week and the month of May. I was actually underbudget- mostly because I didn't make it to TJ or WF much at all.

Last week:
Spent: $79.28
Saved: $283.80

Rite Aid allergy meds:
Spent: $18.28
Saved: $50

I did Rite Aid in a separate budget this week.
Also, I did some Target shopping but I have a hard time figuring that out as there's such a variety from there.  I bought gifts among other stuff so I just didn't include it either.

May Monthly Totals:

Spent: $355.77
Saved: $1,146.77!!
Wow! This includes one trip to TJ for $17.38 and Costco for $26.74 and the Rite Aid $18.28

Spent: $25.29
Saved: $43.54 plus have $10 in gift cards left.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Finals Week of May 16-22

I didn't shop much this week and what I did was a little pricey for me anyway at Publix! Had to get a few essentials. I did do really well at HT Super doubles though and plan to go back for more today or tomorrow.

Spent: $49.11
Saved: $117.27
Trader Joes: $17.38
Costco: $26.74

I only buy a very few items at Costco and not often. I don't always count it either but this was all food- 3 items- so seems fair. I buy their organic natural Peanut Butter, just cause we really like it and there's no sugar or anything added to it, mozerella cheese sticks (the ONLY brand my 5 yr old will eat), and pork chops. Costco had the best pork in our area,  hands down. I usually buy meat at Kroger but I really don't like their pork and Publix pork is too expensive and often tough. They had a great deal too at Costco. I got 9 boneless pork loin chops for $9.20 or something like that!

HT Superdoubles
Spent: $13.34
Saved: $51.95!
Not bad for HT
I did get home only to discover the two items I REALLY needed were not to be found. Anywhere. Weird. I'm going to have to go back and get some more Thyme.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly Totals May 9-15

I didn't get around to posting last week; too busy with graduations!
This week, it seems like I made quite a few little trips and 2 bigger ones. It's been a little harder to save at Publix lately with little overages.

Spent: $79.25
Saved: $267.62

Almost $30 of that was one trip to Kroger for produce and meat. I was super busy and needed to get through the week!
I did do well at Wags and CVS!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kroger Deals May 2-8

There are some good deals at Kroger this week
Pink Lady apples (my favorite) .99/lb
Red Grapes: $1.28/lb
5 lb bag of russet potatoes: $1.50
Avocados $1 ea
Tropicana OJ $2.38
-$1/2 IP (no longer available) Can buy insert ones on Ebay as we never get this one!
Split chicken breasts: .99/lb
Laura's Lean ground beef: $2.99/lb
-$1 qs  here (sign up for email newsletter, bottom left)
Kroger large Eggs: .98
Oscar Meyer Hot dogs: $1.50

And of course, Sunday newspapers for $1! (on any day BUT Sunday!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Awesome CVS trip May 3rd

I had a great trip to CVS, despite having my kids with me (no school due to flooding).

I bought:
4 nivea body wash     $4.88 ea x 4= $19.52
1 colgate total toothpaste                     $2.99
1 smart rinse listerine for kids              $3.99
5 cases of coke products  $3.25x4 =   $13.00 (1 was free with the buy 4 for $13 get one free deal)
= $39.50 plus tax= $42.52
-$5/40 (from the scanner a few weeks back, had expired but she let me use it!)
-$2/2 any body wash that printed from the machine when I scanned my card the second time
- $4.88 BOGO Nivea q from All you May (I think)
-$4 x3 Nivea body wash from RP 5/2
-$1 Colgate from All you April
-$1 Listerine (insert don't know when)
-$1 coke from recycle bank
-$11.99 ECBs from before
= .63!!
plus a ton of tax= $3.65 oop and I got back 9 ECBs for next time!

My savings were somewhat negated by then having to buy Silly Banzs for my boys who had fiddled with the packaging so much it was coming apart, I felt I HAD to buy them, and really, I don't buy them stuff much when I shop as I'm always trying to stick to  a budget. These did NOT factor into my budget! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Month end finals- April

I managed to stay on budget for April, although I def. could have shopped some more this week!
Spent: $402.56
Saved: $937.45
Earned: $25.49 SCR

$96.81 from TJ/WF

Finals- weekly and Rite Aid info

Since it looks like the weather is going to keep me from my final shop of the week and month to Kroger, time to post the finals.
 Week#4 April 25th- May1st

Spent: $52.85
Saved: $245.46
Earned: $18 SCR (rite aid) and $10 RR (wags)

This included 4 small trips to Publix, 2 to Wags and 2 somewhat disasterous trips to Rite Aid. I chalk the Rite Aid up to my learning curve on that one, since I've just started going there. And what did I learn?
Do NOT go to the Grassland store. The manager there wouldn't even put through my Stayfree coupon for -$2 because the product was on sale for $1.99 nor would he adjust it down to $1.99. What? I had several more problems and decided it's just not worth it. The Franklin store on 96 is much nicer and easier to deal with.  AND it's good to note here, ALWAYS check the ad. We don't not get all the national sales. I bought the Dove shampoo before i even realized it's not on sale here, only everywhere else. We get here what is known as the short ad, not the ad most of the rest of the country gets, which is LAME but there you have it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wild For Wags

For those of you wanting to understand Walgreens, this is a great new blog! I will add it to my list tomorrow. She is doing a giveaway for 25 RR! Great way to get started at Wags!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finals Week of April 18-24

I was on track to come in under budget until last night. I had not planned to shop on Sat, but had to run into Kroger to get some potatoes when I discovered mine had gone off. While there, i had to look for manager special meat, found 2 Laura's lean gr beef that I really needed and picked up a gr. turkey breast- my fav but not cheap. It was on sale for $3.99.
Also, on Thur I HAD to buy some chewable motrin for my oldest son who had a fever. Both Target and Walgreens were out of it so I was forced in the end to pay full retail for Wags brand. I found out today when I went in to stockup on it at Wags armed with the in ad q and my mq that expires 4/30, that it's been recalled so THAT'S why it was out everywhere! So, you will see in the next post, I had to go with the liquid Motrin again, which my younger son prefers.
Spent: $75.91
Saved: $244.71 (did lose one receipt from Kroger so had to guess on the savings. i went conservative on my guess so perhaps saved $5 more or so!)
I will also get back $3.49 SCR from Rite Aid and I walked away with $20 in RR from Wags

Whole Foods:
Saved: $5.57

Walgreens 4/25

I actually took a picture this time! I spent a little more than last week- $8.80, ended up with 10RR for next time and got some items I really wanted. I did 4 transactions.
The first was to make money only and is courtesy of Brandy at I prefer Publix
Transaction #1
1 stayfree 2.99
1 plackers 2.00
1 skintimates 2.99
-2/1 stayfree
-.50/1 plackers
-5RR from NB last week
Subtotal: .48 plus tax= $1.22
made 8 RR! 3 (stayfree), 3( skintimates) 2 (plackers)
1 stayfree 2.99
1 plackers 2.00
2 childrens motrin 6.79 ea
1 packing tape 3.49
1 candy bar .39 (filler)

-2/1 stayfree
-.50/ plackers
-3/2 mq motrin
-3x2 wags in ad q for motrin= -6
-1mq for packing tape
-2.50 in ad wags q for packing tape
-5 RR from last week=
sub: $2.45 plus tax= $3.73
Got back 5RR (3 (stayfree), 2 (plackers)

2 neutrogena sunscreen 7.99 ea
1 wags sunscreen found in clearance for $1 (useful filler)
1 candy bar .39 (filler)

-$4 buy 1 get on 50% off Neutrogena
-$2 Neutrogena IP x2 =4
-$5 RR from last week
-$3 from Stayfree
= $1.37 plus tax= $2.60

1 off clip -on starter kit 8.99
1 candy bar .39 (filler)

- 2 mq IP Off
-2 wags off q in May book
-$5 RR from NB
= .87 plus tax = $1.25

Spent: $8.80
Saved: $59.58
$10RR remaining!

Hope this helps break down rolling RR at Wags to get what you need!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Publix Trip 4/23

Awesome trip to Publix last night!
Spent: $13.09
Saved: $89.57

Got a ton of needed items- I actually made money on our number one staple: Silk soymilk! Amazing!
The MM were back in stock which helped, but also there are really good deals this week; lots of free or close to free items. There were out out a few things so I did get a raincheck and I do hope to hit up another Publix at least one more time before this ad ends. I went to Nippers last night. There have a bad rep for couponers but I have to say my last 3-4 trips there have been quite good. Perhaps they are changing? Still don't take competitors though so I do have to go elsewhere for those (few) deals.

I'll break down the Silk for ya
On sale this week 2/$5= $2.50 ea
Buy 2= $5
use 1 BOGO q (regional- I bought a bunch on Ebay)-2.50
-2 q on the one you're paying for (also bought on Ebay)
(2)-.55 Publix q earth booklet or online at

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Had a great trip to wags on Sunday! They actually still had everything in stock on my plan.
I did 4 transactions like this:
1 nature's bounty $5
-$5 q from NB website rewards program
OOP: .46 for tax. Earned $20RR

#5 transaction:
kotex $3.49
cottonelle wipes $5.29
gummy bears .99 (filler)
-$1/1mq kotex U
-.50 mq for wipes
-.2.79 in ad q for wipes
-5 RR from previous transaction
total: .48 plus .65 tax= 1.13
earned $2.50 RR

1 NB $5
1 Ajax .99
-$3 NB IP
-.49 in ad Ajax
-$2.50 RR
= .00 plus .51 in tax.
Earned: $5R
Spent a total of $3.48 and ended up with some needed items and $20 in RR for other stuff like bug spray and sunscreen. Just have to remember to use those before they expire on May 2nd.

Publix didn't go as well!
Spent: $15.07
Saved: $36.34
Ok but I've done better. There were a few pricey items I HAD to have and almost no MM in stock:(

I also went to Rite Aid on Mon as I was down in Franklin but that didn't really work out either! The light bulbs are not on sale here- they aren't in our ad. I couldn't plan this ahead as my paper this week was missing the Rite Aid ad SO, I only bought another U Kotex for the SCR.

FYI: The Publix starting tomorrow is FANTASTIC!

Finals April 11-17

Spent a little more this week!
Spent: $71.71 plus an extra $9.86 on soccer snacks and a pre-school lunch thing. I had to bring Sister Schubert sausage rolls- two of them at $4.19 a piece! Yikes! I did have a q though...... those are super good by the way!
Saved: $243.06

TJ: $56.30

I did stock up on chicken at Kroger and got a free movie ticket! Now hopefully we'll have time to go!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Finals April 4-10

I didn't really feel like shopping this week- esp. after the previous week's craziness (not posted- too crazy!)
I haven't posted in a while either.
There wasn't a whole lot of excitement in the ads this week either, although I do want to hit this Publix ad one more time before it ends on Tues.

Spent: $52.63
Saved: $193.46

Also, bought sunglasses at Rite Aid two pairs for $6.38 with tax and saved $35.99!

I went to Kroger twice and Publix and Rite Aid once each. And Whole Foods once.
AND TARGET twice for Easter clearance. Not included in totals. If you haven't checked out the Easter clearance, it was really good. All 75% off and probably 90% now. I got a few things for next year.
 I ended up going twice only because my car was getting tires quite close to Target and Kroger so that's where I ended up, twice!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Totals and month end

I didn't get to shop much this week. Missed out on Rite Aid, sadly!

Spent: $46.63
Saved: $206.76

While March isn't over yet, it's been 4 wks so I did my monthly totals. This week is just going to be a random week all on its own! Next week starts April 4 week period  which will go  April 4- May 1. Just as well as I have Easter dinner to plan for 11 plus food for that many for 4 days!

Spent: $393.84
Saved: $1207.36
WF/TJ: $145.37

I went quite a bit over in my WF budget, but made up for it in the other. If I didn't shop there at all, I'd really be saving!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finals week of March 14-20

Better late than never? I went a little over last week but still should make my month's goal, or close to it. We seem to always be out of SOMETHING which is frustrating. Now it's meat and cereals my kids like- too bad they don't like Kashi!
Also, I tried Rite Aid for the first time. Not included in my savings is the $25 SCR I'll get back next month!

Spent: $71.09
Saved: $376.76

I went to Kroger 3x this week! yikes!
Trip #1
Spent: $19.59
Saved: $143.05- this includes getting my bag of Tyson chicken nuggets for FREE because it rang up wrong- remember to always point that out as Kroger's policy is to give you pricing error items for free (1 of each item only)
 Trip #2
This was a quick trip to get my newspapers for $1 and to pick up a few things I forgot the day before!
Spent: $5.71
Saved: $28.36

Spent: $24.59
Saved: $90.46
Spent a little more than planned! They were out of some of my MM and I really needed some things.
I did get free Smart taste Ronzoni pasta though! And am going back for more.
Mega event continues this week.

Harris Teeter Triples tomorrow!

It's triples time again. I don't really like HT but this time around, there look to be a few deals to make it worth going. I might try to go to the the new Franklin store this time, although it is WAY out of my way. The Brentwood one is smallish and often doesn't carry what I'm looking for.
Jenny at Southern Savers has the start of a list going, but I do find our prices and sales vary some from hers.
I am interested in the McCormick spices.
On sale from $1.89-$2 (maybe here?)
If you have a -.75/1 from RP 3/14 which triples to $2.25 (will be adjusted down to free) then some good deals. BUT I have only one of those; the rest of my inserts were for $1/1 Weird huh? What did you get in your inserts?

HT has a TON of rules so check those out before you go. A few to note are:
 Only 20 coupons will be tripled a day per VIC card. And you must have a VIC card to get the triples.
There are no overages possible there.
You can only use one coupon per two items on a BOGO sale, even though the items ring up at half price like all grocery stores.
If your IP doesn't scan, you are out of luck. They won't type it in per official policy. Sometimes, if it's not too busy, they will do it for me, but I can't count on it. (really hate this rule!)
I think there is a limit of times you can use the same type of coupon too, but not sure what that is?

Good luck!

Publix- last day for free Kashi cereal and crackers

Today is the last day of this sale's ad and I hope you got in on some free Kashi cereal and crackers!

Kashi Heart to heart on sale for $2.50
Buy 3 cereals or 2 cereals and 1 cracker
(2) -$1.50 MQ IP (no longer available) or from Vocalpoint home mailer
(2)-$1 Whole Foods mar/Apr issue- if your store takes Whole Foods (Moore's lane does!)
(1)  buy 2 kashi heart to heart cereals and get 1 Kashi cereal free or 1 cracker free MQ IP from Target site.
All Free!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kroger deals March 14th-20th

Hey, Kroger's new march into savings sale has started! It's a buy 8 items get $4 off event. I went yesterday and did quite well.
 Brandy at I prefer Publix has the matchups for our area HERE except the meat. I can tell you a few deals there.

Laura's Lean beef 1lb. chub: $2.79
-$1/1 IP
 Plus there is the $1.50 off of fresh beef when you buy classico pasta sauce SS 3/14 and the Classico is part of the sale!

Family packs of Pork Chops $1.79lb
I did buy these this time to try again. Kroger isn't my favorite for pork and they were ok. Still not my favorite:)

Split chicken breasts: .99lb (I think) they were really cheap but I didn't pick up any.

I have to go back into today for my newspapers so I will check on a few more prices.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly totals: March 7-13

Here are my totals for this week. I tried to hit CVS today after a long drought of good deals. Still not much. They were out of the Stayfree- the only really good deal right now,  hopefully I 'll get it before the month ends. I wish they'd get some good deals happening. I miss CVSing. I'm going to try Rite Aid, I think this week. They seem to be having a TON of deals. So far I've been avoiding it, but it's time to dive in!
I am also planning a Kroger trip tomorrow, so check back for the deals!

Spent: $64.67
Saved: $278.79

Looks like I went to Publix the most this week. Combined totals for 3 trips:
Spent: $32.58
Saved: $159.43

This includes tablecloths and a few forgotten q's hate that but still not bad!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kroger 3/9

I had to go to Kroger today to make sure I got this past Sunday's  paper with my two boys. Not so much fun but there is both good and bad news.
The good: Nature's Bounty is still BOGO- until the 27th! As is Sundown.
Also, the Energizer batteries are still $1 so with the .75 q from the tearpads that have been around forever only .25! The tearpads at my store were gone, but I had 6 from over the last few months.
Annie's Mac and cheese only $1 a box! I never saw this advertised so hopefully a deal at other stores too!

The Bad: Those ecoupons that you get from playing the basketball game at the Kroger website? Didn't come off. I have "won" a $5 off your order and a free King size Reese's PB cup ( which I bought  as a bribe for the boys and was suppose to be free). So I will have to contact Kroger about that.
Secondly, I bought theses Betty Crocker pouch potatoes- something I don't buy and we don't eat- but I had thought to get overage- forgetting that at Kroger, mq double but only up to the point where there are free. There was still overage possible IF you had the ecoupon but I forgot that while I searched for it,  I didn't ever find it.

Spent: $18.95 (should be $6 less- and I've always gotten e-coupons credited.....)
Saved: $69.17

Publix 3/7 and 3/9

I've had two good Publix trips this week at DIFFERENT Publix stored than my fav Maryland Farms.
On Sunday I went to Nipper's Corner, generally not known for coupon friendliness but I had a great manager training a cashier and she appreciated all my examples to train him on! She was very nice!
I did forget one $2 off coupon to that is a bummer. I also bought 2 tablecloths on clearance that totally $3.07 for both, so a little more there than I planned but will be great for camping.
Spent: $17.68
Saved: $74.58
Including extras and errors.

Trip #2  I had a few minutes during my son's gymnastics class to get in my last Publix trip- I wanted to get my pasta sauce that I didn't get on Sun as I was waiting for my Multiply Your Savings booklet to come in the mail and it did! And I found another one at the Fieldstone Farms Publix. There were nice to and are keen to get couponers business - a pleasant change from those who would rather we stayed away!- but on the downside, their prices are MUCH higher. I wanted to get more Quaker bars before the sale ended too and they were actually .50 more a piece there- not that I noticed til after I bought them and compared receipts at home but that's a lot!
Spent: $3.52
Saved: $33.21

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly totals- Feb 28- mar 6

A little late in posting; been a crazy weekend.

Spent: $66.08
Saved: $341.75

I made my monthly Trader Joe's trip and a very small Whole Foods trip, as they didn't have our soy yogurt in. But in my strange way of figuring, I take off the cost of the yogurt from my Kroger bill (they carry a smaller selection of flavors) and add it to my WF bill, to keep it straight in MY head at least:)
Totals: $94.02

A breakdown:
Spent: 40.45 (two trips)
Saved: $192.49

Spent: $8.67 (two trips)

I only went to Publix once:
Spent: $3.82
Saved: $39.35

And I went to Target which I try not to do too much. I always spend more than I plan to there!
Spent: $13.75
Saved: $28.61 and submitted for Olay $15 rebate.
Of course, I had planned for the $5 gift card for the Olay too, but I guess it was over by the time I did this deal as I did not get it:(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kroger deals and profile

I went to the Nolensville Rd Kroger at Concord Rd. to test out their claim to take Publix coupons as a competitor. I mentioned this at our class on Sat, but wanted to see what happened when I actually came in with one. I only used 4: 2 Sundown and 2 Men's Sure deodorant. These are actually a better deal at Kroger right now, IF you can use the Publix coupon.

Sure $2
-$1.50 mq from SS 2/28
-1.00 Publix green advantage buy store q. =
-.50 overage!

Sundown BOGO until March 6.

Folic Acid $2.89 for 2
-1/1 mq x2 RP 2/21, RP 1/24
-6/2 Publix store coupon=
-5.11 overage on two!

It did not go seamlessly- the cashier did have to ask, the bagger gave her opinion- (could only take one of the $6/2) but in the end all 4 were taken off. I do try to limit this at it IS a loss to the store and I think they are more willing to do it in lower quantities. On the other hand,  I could easily have gone across the street to Publix for the same items for overage there too (not as much, but I had that option)

I also had overage with the Nature's bounty q's explained here.

Other deals:
The Nature valley granola bars are a good deal and the catalina DOES print. Buy 4, get $3 off next order.
They are $2.29 ea
-.40 IP which doubles to .80
-.40 cellfire/shortcuts
=1.09 ea
I had 4 mq and 4 ecoupons for a total of 4 for $4.36 then- $3 catalina= 1.36 for all 4 boxes!
HOw did I get I get 4 ecoupons to come off? Not planned but I had one each already loaded from both cellfire and shortcuts, then they both had new ones to load so I did and all 4 came off.

General Mills cereal 2.99 these are the HUGE boxes so $1.45 is a good price for these.
-1 mq (various- see Southern Savers list)
.55 ecoupons
I bought two- sadly couldn't find my Honey Nut Cheerios q but will go back for that one.
The Cart Buster savings event goes through March 13th, I believe.

Laura's Lean beef $2.79!
-1/1 IP
This is regularly $4.99, and the shelf tag says it's $3.45 but it rings up at $2.79 for the 1lb chub.

What didn't match up with SSsavers list?
Arnold's bread is not BOGO but is on sale for $1.99, not too bad but I've seen better.
Also, I didn't see any Reach toothbrushes for $1.

On the plus side, Sunday papers are $1 after Sunday and they had tons. I was there last SAT and they still had them left. SO a great resource if you didn't get enough papers on any given Sunday (like me yesterday). I bought 3 there today.

OOP $20.29 ($6.19 of that tax)
Saved: 96.81

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Totals and month end

Totals this week:
Spent: $67.16
Saved: $182.77

No CVS this past week, or the coming one. Very lame ads these last few weeks, sadly.
My totals would have been VERY low if I hadn't of gone to HT, always a mistake.... but still under budget.

Regular budget: $285.50
TJ/WF: $136.91
Total spent: $422.41
Saved: $1,110.27

So not bad. Trying to get under $400 now. Budget was set at $425 so I did make it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Couponing Class tomorrow!!!

Don't forget the class is tomorrow! We are getting all geared up. We have a whole packet of info to hand out,  TWO gift baskets for two lucky winners and MORE I'm not going to tell you about. It's worth coming out just to win something. It's a pretty small group so your chances are good!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coupon Disappointment/extra papers

This is a good week to get extra papers; there are certainly some good coupons this week.
I was disappointed though, that we didn't get the Tropicana OJ coupon. This is a staple in our house. My youngest HAS to have it in the morning- it's his coffee! I did buy some already on Ebay but that won't help my tomorrow when I finally head to HT to hit up Super doubles. I had been waiting specifically for THIS coupon. Oh well. We may get it next week, who knows. It's listed on Hot Coupon World for this week and next. But again, won't help with the sale that ends this Tues.

Where to get papers: CVS has them for $1 with your Extra care card but BEWARE!! they are often missing the coupon inserts. I checked through 8 plus papers at my favorite CVS (Nolensville and Haywood) a couple weeks ago when there were 4 inserts and not one had ANY inserts. NONE. Zero. And during the ice storm, I had to look through 4 to find just one that had both inserts at the Brentwood CVS. So always check!
So now I get them at Publix where, for a time, they are $1.19. The Tennessean seems to cycle through the stores that get a deal. It's been .99 at Walgreens and Kroger too, but not currently. And they all tell me the price is set by the Tennessean, not the stores.

Weekly Totals

I wasn't much into shopping this week.  Still:
Spent: $55.49
Saved: $210.40

Plus: $28.14 of my Whole Foods/TJ budget. Got a few splurges this week there.
 I was under budget by $20 on my regular though so that's ok!

I went to Publix, Kroger, CVS and Whole Foods this week.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tropicana Rewards Update

I redeemed my first points! It didn't go smoothly, I had to call in to get them to reset it to print out but the call was painless. Hopefully that won't happen EVERY time.
I got (2) 2 for 1 passes for the Jump zone for the (no) snow day on Tues. It did say I could get up to 3 for that vendor and that was the end of it. I don't know if that is the VENDOR'S limit or Tropicana's. I asked when I called in for my printing issue. She didn't know anything about it so maybe a vendor limit. Too bad as I could use that one a lot more than 3x. It prints on a form that is from the Entertainment books, so looks like they partnered with them.
Try it out! There are some good deals and hopefully they'll get the glitches fixed.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kroger Trip Feb 13th Itemized

I did two transactions here to maximize my savings from the two catalina deals.
 Transaction #1- one mega sale buy 10 get $3 off.
(6) pillsbury grands .69
-.30 shortcuts e coupon (loaded onto Kroger plus card, came off of ONE only)
-.30/2 from and smartsource
=.39 ea
catalina deal is buy 4 get $2 but 5 get $3 and buy 6 get $4!

(2) purex $2.19 ea
-.35/1 mq from RP 1/10
= $1.49 eac.
catalina deal buy 2 get $4!!

(2) gatorade .69 ea
- .50/1 RP 1/10
= -.30 overage ea!

So that was 10 items.  I got the $3 off (already figured in the prices above.)
I paid 6.23 with tax. This does include an extra.70 off as one of my Purex coupons scanned twice  (and doubled) and I DID inform the cashier of this- I was at self- checkout- but he said he couldn't take it off? First I've heard of that but he wasn't concerned about it.
THEN, I received TWO $4 catalinas for $$ off my next order.

Transaction #2
I had a hard time getting up to my 10 items for the second deal- not much I wanted from this sale but I did need the OJ ( i have a terrible cold:))
mega sale items first, .30 discount applied to price listed:
 (2) Tropicana OJ- $2.69

(2)  Hefty one zip $1.69 ea
-1/2 hefty IP or RP 1/31

(2) Chocolate cheerios $2.39
- (2) 1.25/1 ip from I think.( maybe no longer available?)
(1) Bryers Ice cream $2.48
no qs- for the husband:)

(2) pillsbury grands again to get up to 9 .69

(1) diet coke to get 10 .99

Then other items:
(2) Annie's Mac and cheese on clearance:
-50/1 IP from Annie's site. had only 1 of these.

(2) silk Soymilk 2.99 ea
-(2) 2/1 qs bought on Ebay

1 Fiber one bars- 3.69
-.40 cellfire
- $3.29 free store coupon from Kroger home mailer

1 Nature valley granola bar- 3.59
- .40 cellfire
-3.19 free coupon same as above

1 dole salad on Manager's special $1.39

1 Nature bounty Vitamin C on BOGO for 2.74
-5/1 Ip from Nature's bounty rewards program*
-2.26 overage

1 Nature's bounty Vitamin bogo for 3.49
-5/1 same as above
-1.51 overage

-4 catalina
-4 catalina
 With overages and catalinas: 10.78
saved: 54.34

* This takes some work but can be really worth it from some great overage. Here is a link that explains it all:

I got the first scenario from Brandy at I prefer publix.

Weekly Totals

I haven't posted this week- so here are my totals for the week!
Spent: $62.48
Saved: $287.87

This is for Sun- Sat this week.
I did the best at CVS and Kroger.  Publix actually put my totals up a bit this week!

CVS: Spent $5.51 Saved: $77.73
Kroger: Spent: $17.01 Saved: $71.20

I also tried some walgreens deals. I usually end up spending more than planned there but not too bad this time.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

FINAL mega sale shop

I managed to find the Hormel chili blinkie at Publix and went across the street to stock up at Kroger. Did my last 2 mega sale transactions and bought a few extra items with the overage.Whew, I'm glad it's over for a while!
Spent: $5.73 (2.30 tax)
Saved: 69.34
That's more than 95%.

Kroger Feb 4th trip

My last- or next to last if I make it today- trip to Kroger for the mega sale. I actually only did one Mega sale transaction this time but used a ton of overage to buy expensive items we really needed. I did still end up spending $28.42 ($6.20 of that tax) but I saved $110.17! For that amount I did get 5 packs of meat,  bunch of produce-inc. two Tropicana OJs, Silk Soymilk, mini luna bars on managers special,  and of course the goldfish that I went for with the new coupon that came out.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tropicana Rewards

Now this is a rewards program worth signing up for- esp. if you regularly buy Tropicana OJ like we do! I finally took some time to enter my first code and see what I could get for 7 pts. And I was pleasantly surprised! Points can be redeemed for 2 for 1 or % off discounts on many local activities- like 2 for 1 at the Franklin Jump zone- AND that only costs 1 pt. 1 point and I saved $7! They also had 2 for 1 Discovery Center for 1 pt ( a $6 savings) and we were JUST there on Tues, (bummer)  and 2 for 1 Harpeth gymnatics PNO!! That is a $20 savings for 4 pts. My son takes a class there but we've never done the Parents Night Out as it would cost us $40 for the two kids! But $20 for both is pretty good- and I believe that includes pizza! This is just a few things local to Nashviille, they have it for every state and area.
Now, I haven't tried to REDEEM any yet, but I will. I'm going to try the jump zone one really soon and if it works as claimed- good deal!
And to get you started on points- Tropicana OJ is part of the awesome Mega sale at Kroger this week- it's at a low price of 2.39  when you buy 10 participating items. Not bad for fresh juice plus can use some overage to cover the cost. This costs $3.79 regular price at Publix, but is OFTEN on sale for $3. There are no coupons, trust me I've looked.

Go here to sign up

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kroger Trip Feb 1st

Haven't had time to post this yet. Thanks to some tips from Brandy at I Prefer Piblix,  and a customer appreciation catalina I got the previous trip for $7.50 off my order, I had a really good trip to Kroger!
Spent: 22.31
Saved: 109.10
I did the mega sale 3 times
And I bought a few non-sale, never have coupons items,  and meat! Not bad for all that I did get.
I have even more deals ready to go now- hope to make it there today or tomorrow!
Kroger isn't usually better than Publix but has been these last few weeks during the mega sale for me!

Publix Penny item

I ran in this morning to MF Publix  to get the penny item for today- Publix sugar- wasn't going to miss that one- and I used self- checkout and just asked as usual for the penny item discount. No problems. BUT then, went in with my mom this afternoon and the checker said they now required the coupon from the Wed Tennessean. What? They've never required the coupon before. She said it was to go along with the Tennessean promotion they have going right now- Sunday paper is $1.19 and weekdays are... .50? I'm not totally sure. But if you have to buy a Wed paper, makes the penny item more than a penny. Not sure what other Publix stores are doing on this one but here's a heads up for MF shoppers.

Monday, February 1, 2010

January Finals

Total spent: $369.47
Total Saved: $811.54

I am under budget this (last) month, but was over in Dec so this evens it out! Dec was hard to figure anyway with Christmas in there. Sometimes I just couldn't separate it all!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

CVS Trip Jan 31st

Many people wonder how to make CVS work. It IS daunting at first but so worth figuring out! They have the best customer service  and they GIVE you money to spend in their store! How great is that? Yes, their regular prices are very high but when you work it out, you can usually pay only tax or a few dollars at most. It does take some time to build up some ECBs but not TOO long:) ECBs are the free money CVS gives you to use in their store to buy items where you earn more ECBs. The trick is to always get something which gives you ECBs back.
Here's how my trip went today to work a few scenarios for you:
I had quite a few ECBs to start this time. 5 were from taking a quiz where they "paid" me $5 in ECBs. How cool is that? CVS also regularly sends out emails with $/$$ coupons too. I also had a $5/30 for this trip.
Transaction #1
1 colgate max toothpaste- 2.99
2 Dove men's body wash- 5.49x2- 10.98
1 newspaper-1
1/1 colgate
2- 1.25/1 men's dove
10 ECBs
subtotal: 1.47
total: 2.33
 I had a $1.50 ECB I could of had adjusted down to 1.47 for this but there was suddenly a HUGE line and I hadn't thought it out with the paper, so just paid that.
Earned: 2 ECBs for the colgate and 10.98 for the Dove!

3 12 pack coke- 3/$11
2 Fabreeze carpet sprays- $4.49x2- 8.98
1 tide- 10.96
1 dove chocolate bar- .50

BOGO Fabreeze-4.49
.50 fabreeze
-1 tide
free Dove bar (cvs q from magic scanner) -.50
10.98 ECB from above transaction and a 9 ECB I had adjusted down to 8.97.
Subtotal: .00
Tax: 2.31
Earned: 10 ECB for P&G deal
Still have the 2 from the colgate and the 1.50 from before.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thur night trips

I had to shop Thur night before the big snow storm hit today! I went to Food Lion for the first- and last- time for the 60% store closing sale. The shelved were nearly bare by the time I made it there. Found a few things, not sure if it was a good deal or not?

Publix rocked though. Sad to see the Green Advantage expire today- wanted to make one last trip but alas, trapped at home.
OOP: 6.57 (mostly tax)
Saved: 77.56
After the last trip with my bad math, I wanted to make sure I bought enough:) And this was even at the not- so- coupon -friendly Nipper's Corner store. I had to make sure to have more items than coupons as they will not override at this store for that. Nor do they take many competitors but I had only Manuf. and Publix store to use anyway.

Kroger mega sale:
OOP: 29.15
Saved: 50.66
Got back: $3 off catalina for next time for meat
So-so. There are a few q's missing. My tomato one isn't on there nor did one cellfire come off. This also includes Soy yogurt which is part of my Whole Foods/TJ budget.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Publix Trip Jan 26th

I think this is the first time my bill has gone negative! And I had $6 more in coupons to use that he gave  back to me so my final total (with tax) wouldn't go negative. I am a little bummed at my mental math skills for not calculating my overage well enough to know I could have gotten $6 of stuff we needed for tax only. My only defense is I had my 5 yr old with me who kept interrupting my calculations. And I forgot my easier to use calculator ( I do have one on my cell phone but it's a pain).

OOP: $1.63
Savings: $59.13

I got 5 silk soymilk 1/2 gallons, apple slices, apples, bananas, bread, and soft scrub gel!

They are def. enforcing the only 6 deals per item rule thought at MF. I heard them talking about it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kroger List

Brandy at I Prefer Publix is working on a Kroger list for our region. Check her site later on to check it out. Some great deals the next few weeks with the Mega sale.

Update on my earlier post: We did NOT get the Kraft catalina promotion here. So don't hope for it!

Kroger disappointment

I ran out to Kroger for a quick trip today for the Kraft Cheese catalina deal. It's on sale this week as part of the mega sale- so $1.49 a bag/bar when  you buy 10 participating items. I read on SSavers that today is the last day for the catalina promotion where if you buy 5 participating Kraft products, you get a $5 catalina off your next order!! Sounded like a great deal, esp. when paired with the $1/2 Kraft cheese coupons.
So I bought 6 cheeses- 4 bars and 2 shreds and 4 Sobe lifewater  to get up to 10 Mega deal items. Used 3 1/2 q's BUT my catalina didn't print. So? Did I buy something not participating or is it not in Nashville? Not at that store? Who knows? Not me. Anyone have it work here?
 The cheese is also $1. 49 here after mega discount, not .99 like on S.Savers list.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kroger Score!

Gotta love it when you find a great, unexpected deal. I went to the Nippers Corner Kroger this evening (yes, an exciting Sat night for me!) planning on picking up a few Laura's Lean 1 lb beef chubs for 2.99-$1 q. and always hoping to find some on manager's special. INSTEAD, I found my FAVORITE gr. meat- gr. turkey breast for .99 for the package!!! Regular price: $4.69 at Kroger. Around $7 at Publix. I picked up 6 of these for less than the cost of 1 at Publix!!
As for overage, only got $1 over for the pillsbury cinnamon rolls but overage is hard to come by at Kroger, but still did well with manager's specials!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coupon Class!

I am partnering with Brandy from I prefer Publix blog and extreme couponer extraordinaire to bring our first couponing class to the South Nashville area. It will be on Sat, Feb 27th from 2-4pm at Christ Church on Old Hickory Blvd. It's about 7 min. off of I-65 AND I-24 so convenient for people coming from many directions.
RSVP to me here or my email or with Brandy through her site- see my link on the left!

We will also be covering all the changes to the local Publix couponing policies as well as specifics to couponing and the stores in the Mid- TN region!

Cost is $10 at the door.

Hope you can come!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Publix Ad 1/20- 1/26

The sneak peak is up at I heart Publix and the full ad will be up on Southern Savers tonight or tomorrow am. Looks like a good week! I hope to be able to report back;  I've been very busy working on the yearbook for my son's Elementary school.
I haven't made it to CVS yet for the week either. Not too much exciting there, but I do want to do the Pepsi deal.

Tip from a Reader!

The Food Lion on Nolensville Rd is closing this month. Starting tomorrow through the 30th, everything will be on sale. I live fairly close to here but have never been in- looks a little scary. But if you're willing to brave it, might be some good deals in there!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Publix Ad 1/13-1/19

Jenny will have this weeks Publix ad up at Southern Savers by tomorrow morning. If you want a Sneak Peek, check out I heart Publix. There look to be some good deals this week- unlike last week.
There are some changes happening at the Maryland Farms Publix in terms of their couponing policies. Will update when I know more!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Super Doubles

Sadly, Kroger is not competing with HT and offering super doubles this time. Kroger seems to be changing a lot of things around.  I hardly ever go there now as it is, and will be going less and less as they aren't being very competitive it seems.
As for HT, they are always difficult to shop at with many coupon rules, but I will try it for a few items- next week, when they are restocked. I go to the Brentwood HT off of Franklin Rd. May have to try out the new Franklin one sometime when I'm down there!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Store Ad dates for Nashville area

In case anyone needs to know, here are when the sales start for our local stores:

Publix- Wed
Harris Teeter- Wed
Food Lion- Wed
Kroger= Sunday

CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid- Sunday

On Wednesdays now, Publix also has a penny item. One item- usually a Publix brand item- that you can get ONE of for .1 when you spend $10- and that's before coupons.

CVS has papers for $1 with your CVS card. Kroger was selling them for .99 but they are back to full price now:( I hope everyone stocked up yesterday- tons of coupons. I hope to get a few more today yet, if I can find them.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Publix Trip Jan.2

Had a good trip to Publix (Maryland Farms for the Nashvillians)  today to start off the New Year! I had several things I had run out of over Dec.- too much other shopping to keep up on everything so I had to come up with some overage to cover some of it anyway. The cashier also got confused with which coupons she had scanned and which she hadn't. Upon looking it over, I found she had missed one .40 which would have doubled to .80 but she did two .55 cent ones twice so I figure it all evens out more or less!

Spent: $21.00
Saved: $102.47

Not too bad for me, considering I had to get coffee for my husband (totally out and boy was he grumpy without it today!:), some meat, and some produce. We're almost out of Advil too and I was able to get that for free plus $1.40 MM on two 50 ct. bottles.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Coupon Clean Up

With all the new coupons coming out this week- 5 inserts supposedly on Jan 3rd- and new printables, I was running out of space in my file cabinet for coupon inserts. I went through all of the August inserts (oldest that I had) and was able to recycle them all. There are no unexpired coupons in August inserts from the Tennessean, in case anyone is wondering!

New Year Start!

It seems fitting that I start my blog and my journey to saving even more and, hopefully, making more in 2010 on New Year's Day. It's a little weird as I know that no one is going to be reading this yet, but I am thinking of it as a journal. I used to journal ALL the time, so here goes again!

1. Figure out how to make this work! I want to make the blog look better, and have useful posts. There are already TONS of blogs/websites that post the store lists, so I see no need to do that too. I DO want to meet with others in the area who want to learn to save using coupons and the blogs.

2. Learn along with you! There is always someone saving more out there. I do what I can, try to learn more to save more, but in the end, it's really what works for each individual. Not everyone can get every deal! We all spend more for something than we could have from time to time!:)

3. Continue with my commitment to eating natural and healthy foods. I set my budget higher (for now, anyway) to accommodate my dairy intolerance and to buy foods free of nitrates, partially hydrogenated oils and High Fructose Corn syrup. This means I do shop at Whole Foods for a few items (soy yogurt!!!!) and Trader Joe's. I figure if I can save on everything else, we can afford the healthy foods! I still shop mostly at Publix, CVS and Kroger.

4. Grow this blog and Custom Couponing! Save even more in 2010!!