Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Had a great trip to wags on Sunday! They actually still had everything in stock on my plan.
I did 4 transactions like this:
1 nature's bounty $5
-$5 q from NB website rewards program
OOP: .46 for tax. Earned $20RR

#5 transaction:
kotex $3.49
cottonelle wipes $5.29
gummy bears .99 (filler)
-$1/1mq kotex U
-.50 mq for wipes
-.2.79 in ad q for wipes
-5 RR from previous transaction
total: .48 plus .65 tax= 1.13
earned $2.50 RR

1 NB $5
1 Ajax .99
-$3 NB IP
-.49 in ad Ajax
-$2.50 RR
= .00 plus .51 in tax.
Earned: $5R
Spent a total of $3.48 and ended up with some needed items and $20 in RR for other stuff like bug spray and sunscreen. Just have to remember to use those before they expire on May 2nd.

Publix didn't go as well!
Spent: $15.07
Saved: $36.34
Ok but I've done better. There were a few pricey items I HAD to have and almost no MM in stock:(

I also went to Rite Aid on Mon as I was down in Franklin but that didn't really work out either! The light bulbs are not on sale here- they aren't in our ad. I couldn't plan this ahead as my paper this week was missing the Rite Aid ad SO, I only bought another U Kotex for the SCR.

FYI: The Publix starting tomorrow is FANTASTIC!

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