Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Finals April 4-10

I didn't really feel like shopping this week- esp. after the previous week's craziness (not posted- too crazy!)
I haven't posted in a while either.
There wasn't a whole lot of excitement in the ads this week either, although I do want to hit this Publix ad one more time before it ends on Tues.

Spent: $52.63
Saved: $193.46

Also, bought sunglasses at Rite Aid two pairs for $6.38 with tax and saved $35.99!

I went to Kroger twice and Publix and Rite Aid once each. And Whole Foods once.
AND TARGET twice for Easter clearance. Not included in totals. If you haven't checked out the Easter clearance, it was really good. All 75% off and probably 90% now. I got a few things for next year.
 I ended up going twice only because my car was getting tires quite close to Target and Kroger so that's where I ended up, twice!

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