Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wild For Wags

For those of you wanting to understand Walgreens, this is a great new blog! I will add it to my list tomorrow. She is doing a giveaway for 25 RR! Great way to get started at Wags!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finals Week of April 18-24

I was on track to come in under budget until last night. I had not planned to shop on Sat, but had to run into Kroger to get some potatoes when I discovered mine had gone off. While there, i had to look for manager special meat, found 2 Laura's lean gr beef that I really needed and picked up a gr. turkey breast- my fav but not cheap. It was on sale for $3.99.
Also, on Thur I HAD to buy some chewable motrin for my oldest son who had a fever. Both Target and Walgreens were out of it so I was forced in the end to pay full retail for Wags brand. I found out today when I went in to stockup on it at Wags armed with the in ad q and my mq that expires 4/30, that it's been recalled so THAT'S why it was out everywhere! So, you will see in the next post, I had to go with the liquid Motrin again, which my younger son prefers.
Spent: $75.91
Saved: $244.71 (did lose one receipt from Kroger so had to guess on the savings. i went conservative on my guess so perhaps saved $5 more or so!)
I will also get back $3.49 SCR from Rite Aid and I walked away with $20 in RR from Wags

Whole Foods:
Saved: $5.57

Walgreens 4/25

I actually took a picture this time! I spent a little more than last week- $8.80, ended up with 10RR for next time and got some items I really wanted. I did 4 transactions.
The first was to make money only and is courtesy of Brandy at I prefer Publix
Transaction #1
1 stayfree 2.99
1 plackers 2.00
1 skintimates 2.99
-2/1 stayfree
-.50/1 plackers
-5RR from NB last week
Subtotal: .48 plus tax= $1.22
made 8 RR! 3 (stayfree), 3( skintimates) 2 (plackers)
1 stayfree 2.99
1 plackers 2.00
2 childrens motrin 6.79 ea
1 packing tape 3.49
1 candy bar .39 (filler)

-2/1 stayfree
-.50/ plackers
-3/2 mq motrin
-3x2 wags in ad q for motrin= -6
-1mq for packing tape
-2.50 in ad wags q for packing tape
-5 RR from last week=
sub: $2.45 plus tax= $3.73
Got back 5RR (3 (stayfree), 2 (plackers)

2 neutrogena sunscreen 7.99 ea
1 wags sunscreen found in clearance for $1 (useful filler)
1 candy bar .39 (filler)

-$4 buy 1 get on 50% off Neutrogena
-$2 Neutrogena IP x2 =4
-$5 RR from last week
-$3 from Stayfree
= $1.37 plus tax= $2.60

1 off clip -on starter kit 8.99
1 candy bar .39 (filler)

- 2 mq IP Off
-2 wags off q in May book
-$5 RR from NB
= .87 plus tax = $1.25

Spent: $8.80
Saved: $59.58
$10RR remaining!

Hope this helps break down rolling RR at Wags to get what you need!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Publix Trip 4/23

Awesome trip to Publix last night!
Spent: $13.09
Saved: $89.57

Got a ton of needed items- I actually made money on our number one staple: Silk soymilk! Amazing!
The MM were back in stock which helped, but also there are really good deals this week; lots of free or close to free items. There were out out a few things so I did get a raincheck and I do hope to hit up another Publix at least one more time before this ad ends. I went to Nippers last night. There have a bad rep for couponers but I have to say my last 3-4 trips there have been quite good. Perhaps they are changing? Still don't take competitors though so I do have to go elsewhere for those (few) deals.

I'll break down the Silk for ya
On sale this week 2/$5= $2.50 ea
Buy 2= $5
use 1 BOGO q (regional- I bought a bunch on Ebay)-2.50
-2 q on the one you're paying for (also bought on Ebay)
(2)-.55 Publix q earth booklet or online at Publix.com

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Had a great trip to wags on Sunday! They actually still had everything in stock on my plan.
I did 4 transactions like this:
1 nature's bounty $5
-$5 q from NB website rewards program
OOP: .46 for tax. Earned $20RR

#5 transaction:
kotex $3.49
cottonelle wipes $5.29
gummy bears .99 (filler)
-$1/1mq kotex U
-.50 mq for wipes
-.2.79 in ad q for wipes
-5 RR from previous transaction
total: .48 plus .65 tax= 1.13
earned $2.50 RR

1 NB $5
1 Ajax .99
-$3 NB IP
-.49 in ad Ajax
-$2.50 RR
= .00 plus .51 in tax.
Earned: $5R
Spent a total of $3.48 and ended up with some needed items and $20 in RR for other stuff like bug spray and sunscreen. Just have to remember to use those before they expire on May 2nd.

Publix didn't go as well!
Spent: $15.07
Saved: $36.34
Ok but I've done better. There were a few pricey items I HAD to have and almost no MM in stock:(

I also went to Rite Aid on Mon as I was down in Franklin but that didn't really work out either! The light bulbs are not on sale here- they aren't in our ad. I couldn't plan this ahead as my paper this week was missing the Rite Aid ad SO, I only bought another U Kotex for the SCR.

FYI: The Publix starting tomorrow is FANTASTIC!

Finals April 11-17

Spent a little more this week!
Spent: $71.71 plus an extra $9.86 on soccer snacks and a pre-school lunch thing. I had to bring Sister Schubert sausage rolls- two of them at $4.19 a piece! Yikes! I did have a q though...... those are super good by the way!
Saved: $243.06

TJ: $56.30

I did stock up on chicken at Kroger and got a free movie ticket! Now hopefully we'll have time to go!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Finals April 4-10

I didn't really feel like shopping this week- esp. after the previous week's craziness (not posted- too crazy!)
I haven't posted in a while either.
There wasn't a whole lot of excitement in the ads this week either, although I do want to hit this Publix ad one more time before it ends on Tues.

Spent: $52.63
Saved: $193.46

Also, bought sunglasses at Rite Aid two pairs for $6.38 with tax and saved $35.99!

I went to Kroger twice and Publix and Rite Aid once each. And Whole Foods once.
AND TARGET twice for Easter clearance. Not included in totals. If you haven't checked out the Easter clearance, it was really good. All 75% off and probably 90% now. I got a few things for next year.
 I ended up going twice only because my car was getting tires quite close to Target and Kroger so that's where I ended up, twice!