Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Totals and month end

I didn't get to shop much this week. Missed out on Rite Aid, sadly!

Spent: $46.63
Saved: $206.76

While March isn't over yet, it's been 4 wks so I did my monthly totals. This week is just going to be a random week all on its own! Next week starts April 4 week period  which will go  April 4- May 1. Just as well as I have Easter dinner to plan for 11 plus food for that many for 4 days!

Spent: $393.84
Saved: $1207.36
WF/TJ: $145.37

I went quite a bit over in my WF budget, but made up for it in the other. If I didn't shop there at all, I'd really be saving!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finals week of March 14-20

Better late than never? I went a little over last week but still should make my month's goal, or close to it. We seem to always be out of SOMETHING which is frustrating. Now it's meat and cereals my kids like- too bad they don't like Kashi!
Also, I tried Rite Aid for the first time. Not included in my savings is the $25 SCR I'll get back next month!

Spent: $71.09
Saved: $376.76

I went to Kroger 3x this week! yikes!
Trip #1
Spent: $19.59
Saved: $143.05- this includes getting my bag of Tyson chicken nuggets for FREE because it rang up wrong- remember to always point that out as Kroger's policy is to give you pricing error items for free (1 of each item only)
 Trip #2
This was a quick trip to get my newspapers for $1 and to pick up a few things I forgot the day before!
Spent: $5.71
Saved: $28.36

Spent: $24.59
Saved: $90.46
Spent a little more than planned! They were out of some of my MM and I really needed some things.
I did get free Smart taste Ronzoni pasta though! And am going back for more.
Mega event continues this week.

Harris Teeter Triples tomorrow!

It's triples time again. I don't really like HT but this time around, there look to be a few deals to make it worth going. I might try to go to the the new Franklin store this time, although it is WAY out of my way. The Brentwood one is smallish and often doesn't carry what I'm looking for.
Jenny at Southern Savers has the start of a list going, but I do find our prices and sales vary some from hers.
I am interested in the McCormick spices.
On sale from $1.89-$2 (maybe here?)
If you have a -.75/1 from RP 3/14 which triples to $2.25 (will be adjusted down to free) then some good deals. BUT I have only one of those; the rest of my inserts were for $1/1 Weird huh? What did you get in your inserts?

HT has a TON of rules so check those out before you go. A few to note are:
 Only 20 coupons will be tripled a day per VIC card. And you must have a VIC card to get the triples.
There are no overages possible there.
You can only use one coupon per two items on a BOGO sale, even though the items ring up at half price like all grocery stores.
If your IP doesn't scan, you are out of luck. They won't type it in per official policy. Sometimes, if it's not too busy, they will do it for me, but I can't count on it. (really hate this rule!)
I think there is a limit of times you can use the same type of coupon too, but not sure what that is?

Good luck!

Publix- last day for free Kashi cereal and crackers

Today is the last day of this sale's ad and I hope you got in on some free Kashi cereal and crackers!

Kashi Heart to heart on sale for $2.50
Buy 3 cereals or 2 cereals and 1 cracker
(2) -$1.50 MQ IP (no longer available) or from Vocalpoint home mailer
(2)-$1 Whole Foods mar/Apr issue- if your store takes Whole Foods (Moore's lane does!)
(1)  buy 2 kashi heart to heart cereals and get 1 Kashi cereal free or 1 cracker free MQ IP from Target site.
All Free!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kroger deals March 14th-20th

Hey, Kroger's new march into savings sale has started! It's a buy 8 items get $4 off event. I went yesterday and did quite well.
 Brandy at I prefer Publix has the matchups for our area HERE except the meat. I can tell you a few deals there.

Laura's Lean beef 1lb. chub: $2.79
-$1/1 IP
 Plus there is the $1.50 off of fresh beef when you buy classico pasta sauce SS 3/14 and the Classico is part of the sale!

Family packs of Pork Chops $1.79lb
I did buy these this time to try again. Kroger isn't my favorite for pork and they were ok. Still not my favorite:)

Split chicken breasts: .99lb (I think) they were really cheap but I didn't pick up any.

I have to go back into today for my newspapers so I will check on a few more prices.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly totals: March 7-13

Here are my totals for this week. I tried to hit CVS today after a long drought of good deals. Still not much. They were out of the Stayfree- the only really good deal right now,  hopefully I 'll get it before the month ends. I wish they'd get some good deals happening. I miss CVSing. I'm going to try Rite Aid, I think this week. They seem to be having a TON of deals. So far I've been avoiding it, but it's time to dive in!
I am also planning a Kroger trip tomorrow, so check back for the deals!

Spent: $64.67
Saved: $278.79

Looks like I went to Publix the most this week. Combined totals for 3 trips:
Spent: $32.58
Saved: $159.43

This includes tablecloths and a few forgotten q's hate that but still not bad!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kroger 3/9

I had to go to Kroger today to make sure I got this past Sunday's  paper with my two boys. Not so much fun but there is both good and bad news.
The good: Nature's Bounty is still BOGO- until the 27th! As is Sundown.
Also, the Energizer batteries are still $1 so with the .75 q from the tearpads that have been around forever only .25! The tearpads at my store were gone, but I had 6 from over the last few months.
Annie's Mac and cheese only $1 a box! I never saw this advertised so hopefully a deal at other stores too!

The Bad: Those ecoupons that you get from playing the basketball game at the Kroger website? Didn't come off. I have "won" a $5 off your order and a free King size Reese's PB cup ( which I bought  as a bribe for the boys and was suppose to be free). So I will have to contact Kroger about that.
Secondly, I bought theses Betty Crocker pouch potatoes- something I don't buy and we don't eat- but I had thought to get overage- forgetting that at Kroger, mq double but only up to the point where there are free. There was still overage possible IF you had the ecoupon but I forgot that while I searched for it,  I didn't ever find it.

Spent: $18.95 (should be $6 less- and I've always gotten e-coupons credited.....)
Saved: $69.17

Publix 3/7 and 3/9

I've had two good Publix trips this week at DIFFERENT Publix stored than my fav Maryland Farms.
On Sunday I went to Nipper's Corner, generally not known for coupon friendliness but I had a great manager training a cashier and she appreciated all my examples to train him on! She was very nice!
I did forget one $2 off coupon to that is a bummer. I also bought 2 tablecloths on clearance that totally $3.07 for both, so a little more there than I planned but will be great for camping.
Spent: $17.68
Saved: $74.58
Including extras and errors.

Trip #2  I had a few minutes during my son's gymnastics class to get in my last Publix trip- I wanted to get my pasta sauce that I didn't get on Sun as I was waiting for my Multiply Your Savings booklet to come in the mail and it did! And I found another one at the Fieldstone Farms Publix. There were nice to and are keen to get couponers business - a pleasant change from those who would rather we stayed away!- but on the downside, their prices are MUCH higher. I wanted to get more Quaker bars before the sale ended too and they were actually .50 more a piece there- not that I noticed til after I bought them and compared receipts at home but that's a lot!
Spent: $3.52
Saved: $33.21

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly totals- Feb 28- mar 6

A little late in posting; been a crazy weekend.

Spent: $66.08
Saved: $341.75

I made my monthly Trader Joe's trip and a very small Whole Foods trip, as they didn't have our soy yogurt in. But in my strange way of figuring, I take off the cost of the yogurt from my Kroger bill (they carry a smaller selection of flavors) and add it to my WF bill, to keep it straight in MY head at least:)
Totals: $94.02

A breakdown:
Spent: 40.45 (two trips)
Saved: $192.49

Spent: $8.67 (two trips)

I only went to Publix once:
Spent: $3.82
Saved: $39.35

And I went to Target which I try not to do too much. I always spend more than I plan to there!
Spent: $13.75
Saved: $28.61 and submitted for Olay $15 rebate.
Of course, I had planned for the $5 gift card for the Olay too, but I guess it was over by the time I did this deal as I did not get it:(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kroger deals and profile

I went to the Nolensville Rd Kroger at Concord Rd. to test out their claim to take Publix coupons as a competitor. I mentioned this at our class on Sat, but wanted to see what happened when I actually came in with one. I only used 4: 2 Sundown and 2 Men's Sure deodorant. These are actually a better deal at Kroger right now, IF you can use the Publix coupon.

Sure $2
-$1.50 mq from SS 2/28
-1.00 Publix green advantage buy store q. =
-.50 overage!

Sundown BOGO until March 6.

Folic Acid $2.89 for 2
-1/1 mq x2 RP 2/21, RP 1/24
-6/2 Publix store coupon=
-5.11 overage on two!

It did not go seamlessly- the cashier did have to ask, the bagger gave her opinion- (could only take one of the $6/2) but in the end all 4 were taken off. I do try to limit this at it IS a loss to the store and I think they are more willing to do it in lower quantities. On the other hand,  I could easily have gone across the street to Publix for the same items for overage there too (not as much, but I had that option)

I also had overage with the Nature's bounty q's explained here.

Other deals:
The Nature valley granola bars are a good deal and the catalina DOES print. Buy 4, get $3 off next order.
They are $2.29 ea
-.40 IP which doubles to .80
-.40 cellfire/shortcuts
=1.09 ea
I had 4 mq and 4 ecoupons for a total of 4 for $4.36 then- $3 catalina= 1.36 for all 4 boxes!
HOw did I get I get 4 ecoupons to come off? Not planned but I had one each already loaded from both cellfire and shortcuts, then they both had new ones to load so I did and all 4 came off.

General Mills cereal 2.99 these are the HUGE boxes so $1.45 is a good price for these.
-1 mq (various- see Southern Savers list)
.55 ecoupons
I bought two- sadly couldn't find my Honey Nut Cheerios q but will go back for that one.
The Cart Buster savings event goes through March 13th, I believe.

Laura's Lean beef $2.79!
-1/1 IP
This is regularly $4.99, and the shelf tag says it's $3.45 but it rings up at $2.79 for the 1lb chub.

What didn't match up with SSsavers list?
Arnold's bread is not BOGO but is on sale for $1.99, not too bad but I've seen better.
Also, I didn't see any Reach toothbrushes for $1.

On the plus side, Sunday papers are $1 after Sunday and they had tons. I was there last SAT and they still had them left. SO a great resource if you didn't get enough papers on any given Sunday (like me yesterday). I bought 3 there today.

OOP $20.29 ($6.19 of that tax)
Saved: 96.81