Monday, June 21, 2010

Rite Aid- June 20-26

We leave on vacation on Wed so I am going crazy getting ready for that! I did manage to make it to Rite Aid yesterday though. I didn't see anything to get excited about at CVS this week and I might go to Wags if I have time to roll a few RR that expire next Sunday. There IS a Walgreens where we are going in AZ but NO Rite Aid! I haven't checked for a CVS yet.

So the biggest deal at RA this week is the Motrin PM-20 ct
Transaction #1
1 motrin pm 20 ct $3
-$3 Mq from RP 4/18
pay  .28 tax
Get back $3 UP reward

1 motrin $3
2 U Kotex $3.50 ea =$7
1 Colgate total $2.99
1 Clariol hair color $7.49=
-$5/20 VV
-$3/1 Motrin
-$2/2 Kotex SS 5/16
-(2) $1/1 Kotex VV q's (maybe from last month?)
-$1 Colgate SS 6/06
-$1 Clariol PB 6/06
-$2.50 in ad q clairol
-$3 Up q from previous transaction
Sub: .98
Total with tax: $2.41
Get Back:
$3 Up from Motrin
$2 Up from colgate
$2 Up from Clariol
 Submit for $3 SCR for Kotex

I had 5 motrin q's so I did 2 more single transactions just for the $3 UP one of which didn't print (4 out of 5 did- can't explain why the one in the middle didn't. If I have time I will try to return it and re- buy it if they will let me)

then I bought some stuff I really needed; I'm about out of my Aveeno face moisturizer so i decided to try the Garnier skin care as it was on sale and has coupons;

Last transaction:

Garnier eye cream $13.49
Garnier moisturizer $6.74 (bogo 50%)
Motrin pm
2 Snap and seal boxes for the kids in the car $1.50 ea=$3
Total: $26.23
-(2) $1/1 Garnier MQ RP 3/07
-(2) $2/1 Garnier VV q (from this month!)
-$3 Motrin
-$10 UP coupons from previous transactions ( $2, $2, $3 $3)
I should have had one more $3 from the one Motrin that didn't print.  But without it:
Subtotal: $2.23
with tax: $4.19
Got back:
$3 UP reward for next time
and the Garnier completed my skin care rebate buy $50 of qualified products get a $25 gift card with an extra $5 bonus from Wellness.
SO NOT bad for getting some items I needed!

Total spent:
$7.44 (and $4.19 of that came off my allergy rewards gift card that I got this week!)
Total Saved:
Earned: $6 SCR (3 for Kotex and I had an "only for you" email deal  for $3 back on Clairol) plus a $30 GC! And $3 UP reward leftover.

FYI: this is the last week for the June SCR period. After you have entered your receipts your final purchases for the week, you can request your check for the month! Hopefully you got some in last week, this week, not much in the way of SCR but good UP rewards!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finals for June 6-12

Spent a lot this week at Rite Aid more than usual for drug store deals but I will get it all back in a SCR and I got some batteries that I really needed for our upcoming camping trip!

Spent: $76.12
Saved: $280.88
Earned: $24 SCR

TJ: $63.08
WF: $19.16

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Walgreens June 13-19

Here is my Wags scenario for this week: The goal this week was 4 cases of Rootbeer/7UP on sale 4/12 with $2 RR back. I also really want to do the Neutrogena scenario with the facial wash soap but they did not have it at my Wags. I don't think they carry it. I will look elsewhere for it. It's a great deal! (see Southern savers post today for details- and let me know if any of you see it anywhere in our area!)

I did 5 transactions:
1 Nivea Body wash for men $5.99
1 Listerine Whitening with Restoring $6.49 ( higher than on the list as the in ad q specifies with restoring)
1 filler- I found .15 wrapping paper!!

1 Nivea q RP 5/2 -$3
1 Listering Whitening q IP from -$2
Listerine in ad q -$3
1$3 RR from last week (clairol) -$3

Total with tax: $2.52
Saved: $11
Got back: $6 RR
MIR: $10 back on Listerine Whitening!

1 Nivea body wash $5.99
1 filler .15 wrapping paper

Nivea q -$3
-2 RR from Ecotrin

Saved: $5
Earned :$6RR

Repeat #2 two more times!

4 cases of soda 4/$12
2 $6 RR from previous transactions:
Subtotal: 0
Tax: .93
Earned: $2 RR

Spent: $8.58
Saved: $45.96
Have $14 RR remaining.
$10 MIR rebate

Got 4 cases of soda, 4 body wash, listerine, and 4 wrapping paper (very useful filler for once and MUCH healthier than the candy bars). I can use all of this too!

Supposedly the Nivea is ringing up BOGO so there is another scenario I might try with my last two Nivea qs- as I am out of $2 RR. I have NOT confirmed this for our area though. But my receipt does say BGLP after the Body Wash which means Buy one get one at lower price supposedly.

Buy 2 @ $5.99
(one is free)
.15 filler
use 2 -$3 Nivea q's
 Pay only filler and tax. Get a $6 RR!

CVS June 13-19

As promised here is my CVS deal for the week. I just went so this is how it went down. I needed TP so I make a deal to get it for free!

2 old Spice (or Gillette body wash) $4 ea
1 Cottonelle 12 pk $5.97
2 Clip on repellent refills $2.99 ea
1 Dove chocolate bar .89

At the scanner machine I didn't get the body wash q that some others are getting but I DID get a free Dove candy bar or $2 off a bag.

1 BOGO Old Spice q (PG 6/6) -$4
1 Cottonelle - From All You July-$1
2  Clip on Ip from CVS site -$3 ea (were adjusted down to $2.99) -$5.98
1 Dove CVS q took off the full $2! -$2
8 ECB from a couple weeks ago -$8
I had to throw in a .33 carmel or lose some of my ECB
Subtotal: .19
Total: $2.15
Saved: $31.48
Got back 8 ECBs!! Not 4. It says limit one but it is actually limit 2 on the body wash!
I have $9 ECB for next time.

So not bad for 3 items I really needed- the TP and the 2 Clip on refills. And free chocolate!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Email posts

Hey, if you would like to be added to my email list, let me know. You will then receive an email of all my posts. Since I don't post all that often (although I hope to increase my posting!) this can be useful and also won't fill up your inbox! I just need your email address to add it to the list.

Trader Joe's

I did my monthly (sometimes I go 2x a month) trip to Trader Joe's on Wed. A few of you have asked what I buy there. Mostly I get natural foods I couldn't buy elsewhere (except Whole Foods) like nitrate free turkey bacon  ($2.99) and turkey bologna ($2.49).
Also, they have a great frozen meal section where all the meals contain only ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. These are splurge items for us, so I only get a few, but they keep my  husband from eating fast food for a few days anyway. He liked the tamales (2 for $2.29) and enchiladas ($1.69).
I buy fish sticks or nuggets here (nuggets $3.99).
I also buy my kids' cereal bars here. There are the same price now at Whole Foods though but they like the TJ brand ones. ($1.69 for a box of 6). I do occasionally buy my son his favorite cereal, Corn Flakes, there although it's painful to pay $2.49 for a box of cereal but I won't buy Kelloggs for him as they use High Fructose Corn Syrup in theirs.
They are also good for snack foods- I bought a 1lb bag of raw almonds ($4.49) and snap pea crisps for $1.49.
A few other staples:
Maple agave syrup: $3.29
WW hamburger buns $1.89
Chicken mushroom ravioli $2.79 ( one of my favorite dinner splurges!)
Shredded soy cheese: $3.79 (the ONLY store in Mid Tn to have this brand- the best one!)

So while it's hard to have a grocery tab in the $60 range!!, it's like a little vacation for me once a month to shop without coupons, and planning and buy a few healthy items.

Blog updates!

Today is the last day for the current Green Adv. buy flyer. It has been the source of quite a few MM so I am sad to see it go. I ran out to Publix last night at Nipper's to stock up a bit but they were finally out of all the MM. SO today may be anticlimatic if no one has any in stock but it's been a good run. There are some MMaking opportunities in the new Green Adv. buy coming out on Sat as well. Stay tuned for those.

I am also planning on listing drug store scenarios starting with the coming week's ads. You can  get the lists from Southern Savers, then add to it with my info. I also recommend Wild for Wags blog for Walgreen updates.
Also, remember for Rite Aid that SS does her list from the Long Ad and we get the Short Ad here in Nashville so remember to go through your list and check it with our ad before planning your trip or your scenarios are destined to not work out. Watch the Video Values too and print some coupons. It's called Ad Perk.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Publix trips 6/1 and 6/2

There are fabulous deals to be had at Publix right now. We returned from our weekend away with NO food in the house. So I have made two more expensive trips to Publix and one to Walgreens with more planned. With the kids out of school, it's harder to fit in all the shops I usually do, so while I had some great overages, I had to buy more so my bills are about twice what they usually are. Also, I feel compelled to buy only the natural beef, which I usually get at Kroger, but I haven't made it there so I had to buy some Publix Greenwise beef which is a bit pricey!

June 1
Spent: $31.77
Saved: $85.98

June 2
Spent: $31.24
Saved: $110.95

On the 1st I shopped at Moore's Lane and they only had a few MM in so I didn't do quite as well but there were some things I had to get. Today I shopped at Nippers and they were fully stocked. I had tons of overage. My OOP crept up there on produce and Greenwise steak.  I did get a lot for $22! ($9 of that OOP is tax!)

Monthly and weekend finals!

May has been a crazy month- and then we went away for Memorial day weekend.
Here are my totals for  last week and the month of May. I was actually underbudget- mostly because I didn't make it to TJ or WF much at all.

Last week:
Spent: $79.28
Saved: $283.80

Rite Aid allergy meds:
Spent: $18.28
Saved: $50

I did Rite Aid in a separate budget this week.
Also, I did some Target shopping but I have a hard time figuring that out as there's such a variety from there.  I bought gifts among other stuff so I just didn't include it either.

May Monthly Totals:

Spent: $355.77
Saved: $1,146.77!!
Wow! This includes one trip to TJ for $17.38 and Costco for $26.74 and the Rite Aid $18.28

Spent: $25.29
Saved: $43.54 plus have $10 in gift cards left.