Friday, June 11, 2010

Blog updates!

Today is the last day for the current Green Adv. buy flyer. It has been the source of quite a few MM so I am sad to see it go. I ran out to Publix last night at Nipper's to stock up a bit but they were finally out of all the MM. SO today may be anticlimatic if no one has any in stock but it's been a good run. There are some MMaking opportunities in the new Green Adv. buy coming out on Sat as well. Stay tuned for those.

I am also planning on listing drug store scenarios starting with the coming week's ads. You can  get the lists from Southern Savers, then add to it with my info. I also recommend Wild for Wags blog for Walgreen updates.
Also, remember for Rite Aid that SS does her list from the Long Ad and we get the Short Ad here in Nashville so remember to go through your list and check it with our ad before planning your trip or your scenarios are destined to not work out. Watch the Video Values too and print some coupons. It's called Ad Perk.

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