Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monthly and weekend finals!

May has been a crazy month- and then we went away for Memorial day weekend.
Here are my totals for  last week and the month of May. I was actually underbudget- mostly because I didn't make it to TJ or WF much at all.

Last week:
Spent: $79.28
Saved: $283.80

Rite Aid allergy meds:
Spent: $18.28
Saved: $50

I did Rite Aid in a separate budget this week.
Also, I did some Target shopping but I have a hard time figuring that out as there's such a variety from there.  I bought gifts among other stuff so I just didn't include it either.

May Monthly Totals:

Spent: $355.77
Saved: $1,146.77!!
Wow! This includes one trip to TJ for $17.38 and Costco for $26.74 and the Rite Aid $18.28

Spent: $25.29
Saved: $43.54 plus have $10 in gift cards left.

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