Friday, June 11, 2010

Trader Joe's

I did my monthly (sometimes I go 2x a month) trip to Trader Joe's on Wed. A few of you have asked what I buy there. Mostly I get natural foods I couldn't buy elsewhere (except Whole Foods) like nitrate free turkey bacon  ($2.99) and turkey bologna ($2.49).
Also, they have a great frozen meal section where all the meals contain only ingredients you can recognize and pronounce. These are splurge items for us, so I only get a few, but they keep my  husband from eating fast food for a few days anyway. He liked the tamales (2 for $2.29) and enchiladas ($1.69).
I buy fish sticks or nuggets here (nuggets $3.99).
I also buy my kids' cereal bars here. There are the same price now at Whole Foods though but they like the TJ brand ones. ($1.69 for a box of 6). I do occasionally buy my son his favorite cereal, Corn Flakes, there although it's painful to pay $2.49 for a box of cereal but I won't buy Kelloggs for him as they use High Fructose Corn Syrup in theirs.
They are also good for snack foods- I bought a 1lb bag of raw almonds ($4.49) and snap pea crisps for $1.49.
A few other staples:
Maple agave syrup: $3.29
WW hamburger buns $1.89
Chicken mushroom ravioli $2.79 ( one of my favorite dinner splurges!)
Shredded soy cheese: $3.79 (the ONLY store in Mid Tn to have this brand- the best one!)

So while it's hard to have a grocery tab in the $60 range!!, it's like a little vacation for me once a month to shop without coupons, and planning and buy a few healthy items.

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