Sunday, June 13, 2010

Walgreens June 13-19

Here is my Wags scenario for this week: The goal this week was 4 cases of Rootbeer/7UP on sale 4/12 with $2 RR back. I also really want to do the Neutrogena scenario with the facial wash soap but they did not have it at my Wags. I don't think they carry it. I will look elsewhere for it. It's a great deal! (see Southern savers post today for details- and let me know if any of you see it anywhere in our area!)

I did 5 transactions:
1 Nivea Body wash for men $5.99
1 Listerine Whitening with Restoring $6.49 ( higher than on the list as the in ad q specifies with restoring)
1 filler- I found .15 wrapping paper!!

1 Nivea q RP 5/2 -$3
1 Listering Whitening q IP from -$2
Listerine in ad q -$3
1$3 RR from last week (clairol) -$3

Total with tax: $2.52
Saved: $11
Got back: $6 RR
MIR: $10 back on Listerine Whitening!

1 Nivea body wash $5.99
1 filler .15 wrapping paper

Nivea q -$3
-2 RR from Ecotrin

Saved: $5
Earned :$6RR

Repeat #2 two more times!

4 cases of soda 4/$12
2 $6 RR from previous transactions:
Subtotal: 0
Tax: .93
Earned: $2 RR

Spent: $8.58
Saved: $45.96
Have $14 RR remaining.
$10 MIR rebate

Got 4 cases of soda, 4 body wash, listerine, and 4 wrapping paper (very useful filler for once and MUCH healthier than the candy bars). I can use all of this too!

Supposedly the Nivea is ringing up BOGO so there is another scenario I might try with my last two Nivea qs- as I am out of $2 RR. I have NOT confirmed this for our area though. But my receipt does say BGLP after the Body Wash which means Buy one get one at lower price supposedly.

Buy 2 @ $5.99
(one is free)
.15 filler
use 2 -$3 Nivea q's
 Pay only filler and tax. Get a $6 RR!

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