Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly totals Aug 22-28

I did really well this week! But I'm already eating into my savings with the start of this week! Yikes! We were out of everything it seemed, so I had to spend some money today. Also, it's a month with 5 weeks in in it, so I guess I'll just add on to my budget for an extra week.

This week:
Spent: $43.55
Saved: $487.98!!
Earned: $33.49 SCR, $5 MIR (publix gift card)

So far this month I've spent $205.93 regular budget, add in Whole Foods/TJ = $310.69 for the first 4 weeks! That's about $100 underbudget! I'l make it up this week though, esp. as it's been 4 weeks since I've been to TJ so I need to go again. Normally, this would be the start of another 4 weeks monthly period but it's not. So? I guess we'll see!
 At least I do this only for myself so the rules are completely made up by me!:)
Saved: $1745.57!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rite Aid Aug 22-28

Crazy week at Rite Aid! I've been twice. I'm just posting pictures and totals! Listing everything would take forever! If anyone really wants to know, I can be more specific.

This is day 1- 4 transactions!
Spent: $10.43
But paid almost all with my RA gift card so OOP: .67
Saved: $130.38
Earned: $18.49 SCR

So, day 2. I didn't do NEARLY as well as day 1. Spent way more than usual but it happens sometimes!
2 transactions:
Spent: $14.71- this includes a legitimate coupon that wouldn't scan for $2.50 so def. should have been at least that much less. I may take it back in later. My super helpful manager wasn't in and the cashiers were already nervous about price matching a few items to the National ad.
Saved: $53.21
Earned: $15 SCR
So at least I earned back what I spent!

Totals Aug 15-21

Just realized I forgot to post this!
Spent: $46.74
Saved: $377.49
Earned: $4 cat Kroger
$7.99 SCR Rite Aid

 Pretty slow week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rite Aid Aug 15-21

A slower week at Rite Aid but I still did one transaction and got a few essentials! FYI: Next week is looking amazing at Rite Aid!!

I needed the tape and Purex is always good to have. The Contact solution is a big MM this week and I have a box of 6 to send to my husband's nieces!

Crest 2.99
Complete 7.99
Purex 5.99
tape 4.29- 2 from National ad in ad q. Bryan is an awesome manager at the Franklin store and will accept an internet print out of the National ad (we get a short ad here in TN) for a few items and will price match to it.
4 Rolaids $1 ea
=5/25 IP
-1 Complete RP 8/15
-3 Purex RP 8/15
-.75 Crest PG 8/1
-(2) 4/2 Rolaids
- 6 UP rewards from previous weeks
= 1.51 plus tax= 3.20 put on my G/C so no Oop
saved: $36.71
earned: 7.99 SCR; 1.50 UP for Crest, 1UP for Purex.

CVS Aug 15-21

I was finally able to complete my CVS shopping for the week. I struck out earlier in the week with empty shelves but today I was able to find all I needed to get my TP!
I did 3 transactions; one on Sunday and the other two today- Fri.

Transaction #1
Store was out of Dulcolax still and Zegerid so I had to come up with a new plan.
Blink 7.99
Crest 3.49
4 Sobe  @1.59 for 2. Other two Free
3 Dove chocolate bars (not pictured because, um, I ate them all already. Yikes .89 for two, 3rd one free
-4 Blink peelie (found at Wags)
-.75 Crest PG 8/1
-1.59 BOGO SObe q
-1.59 BOGO Sobe q
-.50 on two Dove bars CVS CRT
- 5 ECB
-2 ECB
=1.01 plus tax
Saved: $23.00
Earned: 7.99 ECB Blink; 2.50 ECB Crest; 1 ECB Green bag tag

Dulcolax Rain check from last week 9.99
Zegerid 9.99
= 19.98
-5 Dulcolax from All You mag (there are $4 ones in insert)
-4 Zegerid insert?
-7.99 ECB (blink)
-2.50 ECB (crest)
=.49 plus tax=
Saved: 25.49
earned: 10 ecb dulcolax, 7 ECB Zegerid

Cottonelle 18 pack 9.97
Crest 3.49
Trident Layers 1.49
Trident Layers 1.49
-1 mq Cottonelle catalina from Kroger. .50 ones in insert
-2 CVS CRT for cottonelle
-.75 Crest q PG 8/1
-1/2 Trident layers IP (mine expired TODAY and I love this gum and am totally out!)
-10 ECB
-1 ECB
=.69 plus tax=
Saved: 20.27
earned 2.50 Crest and still have 7 ECB from Zegerid for next time!

So for the week:
Spent: $6.02 for all that- and that is mostly tax!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finals for Aug 8-14

Had a pretty good week totals wise but it was a tough week kid wise. I SO look forward to shopping this week with both boys in school!!!!!!!! All day!!!!! (Well, except Mon, my Kindergartener has a half day on Mon) but Tues is the DAY after almost 8 years at home with one child or another. Of course, I'll still be at the school a lot helping out!

Spent: $42.16
Saved: $403.54
WF: $4.32
Saved: $1.00
Earned: $10 Cat (HT),  $4 cat (Kroger), a movie ticket (poptarts- immediately sent to work with my husband), and I submitted for the Schick Hydro rebate!

I shopped a bit of HT Superdoubles and will do more this Tues when I am kid free! I had a GREAT Publix shop on Wed (had only 1 child with me)- I went negative by about $2 (bought a $10 Gift card to cover it) and saved $135.21!
I had a hard time squeezing in the drug stores this week. Ended up getting a raincheck at CVS for the Dulcolax (Still not in today), and doing a Rite Aid trip Thurs afternoon, with only 1 transaction and hitting up Wags on Friday to roll my RR as there is NOTHING there this week! I will post my shops this week though!  With pictures. I promise. I have everything from last week ready to photograph but it's over now, so not much point, I guess! I did quite well at Wags though! And got free Tide at Rite Aid!

I did one CVS transaction today but I hope to do two more if I can find the Dulcolax and Zegerid in. I want to get in on the Cottonelle TP!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What happened to me?

Well, last week I did do a lot of drugstore shopping and I DID take a picture of all 4 shops but I never got around to posting them:( I worked ALL weekend then have the kids this week still and it's been insane. I haven't even made it to the drug stores yet. I did hit up HT today for Super doubles and had an awesome trip to Publix.
School starts TOMORROW!!! Really, next week before they are really going but then I hope to be able to post more faithfully.
Until then....