Friday, August 20, 2010

Rite Aid Aug 15-21

A slower week at Rite Aid but I still did one transaction and got a few essentials! FYI: Next week is looking amazing at Rite Aid!!

I needed the tape and Purex is always good to have. The Contact solution is a big MM this week and I have a box of 6 to send to my husband's nieces!

Crest 2.99
Complete 7.99
Purex 5.99
tape 4.29- 2 from National ad in ad q. Bryan is an awesome manager at the Franklin store and will accept an internet print out of the National ad (we get a short ad here in TN) for a few items and will price match to it.
4 Rolaids $1 ea
=5/25 IP
-1 Complete RP 8/15
-3 Purex RP 8/15
-.75 Crest PG 8/1
-(2) 4/2 Rolaids
- 6 UP rewards from previous weeks
= 1.51 plus tax= 3.20 put on my G/C so no Oop
saved: $36.71
earned: 7.99 SCR; 1.50 UP for Crest, 1UP for Purex.

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