Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finals for Aug 8-14

Had a pretty good week totals wise but it was a tough week kid wise. I SO look forward to shopping this week with both boys in school!!!!!!!! All day!!!!! (Well, except Mon, my Kindergartener has a half day on Mon) but Tues is the DAY after almost 8 years at home with one child or another. Of course, I'll still be at the school a lot helping out!

Spent: $42.16
Saved: $403.54
WF: $4.32
Saved: $1.00
Earned: $10 Cat (HT),  $4 cat (Kroger), a movie ticket (poptarts- immediately sent to work with my husband), and I submitted for the Schick Hydro rebate!

I shopped a bit of HT Superdoubles and will do more this Tues when I am kid free! I had a GREAT Publix shop on Wed (had only 1 child with me)- I went negative by about $2 (bought a $10 Gift card to cover it) and saved $135.21!
I had a hard time squeezing in the drug stores this week. Ended up getting a raincheck at CVS for the Dulcolax (Still not in today), and doing a Rite Aid trip Thurs afternoon, with only 1 transaction and hitting up Wags on Friday to roll my RR as there is NOTHING there this week! I will post my shops this week though!  With pictures. I promise. I have everything from last week ready to photograph but it's over now, so not much point, I guess! I did quite well at Wags though! And got free Tide at Rite Aid!

I did one CVS transaction today but I hope to do two more if I can find the Dulcolax and Zegerid in. I want to get in on the Cottonelle TP!

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