Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rite Aid Aug 22-28

Crazy week at Rite Aid! I've been twice. I'm just posting pictures and totals! Listing everything would take forever! If anyone really wants to know, I can be more specific.

This is day 1- 4 transactions!
Spent: $10.43
But paid almost all with my RA gift card so OOP: .67
Saved: $130.38
Earned: $18.49 SCR

So, day 2. I didn't do NEARLY as well as day 1. Spent way more than usual but it happens sometimes!
2 transactions:
Spent: $14.71- this includes a legitimate coupon that wouldn't scan for $2.50 so def. should have been at least that much less. I may take it back in later. My super helpful manager wasn't in and the cashiers were already nervous about price matching a few items to the National ad.
Saved: $53.21
Earned: $15 SCR
So at least I earned back what I spent!

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