Friday, August 20, 2010

CVS Aug 15-21

I was finally able to complete my CVS shopping for the week. I struck out earlier in the week with empty shelves but today I was able to find all I needed to get my TP!
I did 3 transactions; one on Sunday and the other two today- Fri.

Transaction #1
Store was out of Dulcolax still and Zegerid so I had to come up with a new plan.
Blink 7.99
Crest 3.49
4 Sobe  @1.59 for 2. Other two Free
3 Dove chocolate bars (not pictured because, um, I ate them all already. Yikes .89 for two, 3rd one free
-4 Blink peelie (found at Wags)
-.75 Crest PG 8/1
-1.59 BOGO SObe q
-1.59 BOGO Sobe q
-.50 on two Dove bars CVS CRT
- 5 ECB
-2 ECB
=1.01 plus tax
Saved: $23.00
Earned: 7.99 ECB Blink; 2.50 ECB Crest; 1 ECB Green bag tag

Dulcolax Rain check from last week 9.99
Zegerid 9.99
= 19.98
-5 Dulcolax from All You mag (there are $4 ones in insert)
-4 Zegerid insert?
-7.99 ECB (blink)
-2.50 ECB (crest)
=.49 plus tax=
Saved: 25.49
earned: 10 ecb dulcolax, 7 ECB Zegerid

Cottonelle 18 pack 9.97
Crest 3.49
Trident Layers 1.49
Trident Layers 1.49
-1 mq Cottonelle catalina from Kroger. .50 ones in insert
-2 CVS CRT for cottonelle
-.75 Crest q PG 8/1
-1/2 Trident layers IP (mine expired TODAY and I love this gum and am totally out!)
-10 ECB
-1 ECB
=.69 plus tax=
Saved: 20.27
earned 2.50 Crest and still have 7 ECB from Zegerid for next time!

So for the week:
Spent: $6.02 for all that- and that is mostly tax!


  1. You did great on your savings! Your CVS takes competitor's coupons?

    I would like to invite you to link up your savings at my Weekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free. It’s a great place to share your savings and meet other frugalistas, who are loving the savings game.

  2. Thanks! No my CVS doesn't take any competitor's qs. I guess you mean the cottonelle cat? It was a MQ that scanned at CVS. I just got it from the catalina machine at Kroger!