Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekly Totals and month end July

This week I didn't shop much except for my awesome Rite Aid trip and then to Kroger just now and one or two good trips to Publix.

Spent: $48.94
Saved: $346.59
Earned: $2.99 SCR

It's also time for the month end totals too!

Spent: $445.04  (a bit over my $425 monthly budget)
Saved: $1555.30!
Earned: $45.96 SCR (makes my for my $20 over for sure!)

Restocking after vacation took some effort and a little more $$$ than usual I guess!

Kroger July 31

Just had a great trip to Kroger! I know I need to get into the picture taking more, but it's been so hot out, I pretty much want to get everything put away ASAP! I promise I'll take one of my Rite Aid trip this week though!

So today:
I did 2 transactions at Kroger:
5 Benevia on clearance 3.99 ea
-5/1 IP x 5
4 shredded cheese $2.99 ea
- 1/2 blinking x2
1 cheese slices $1.79
-.75 mq from Kroger mailer( soccer one I think)
1 clearance soy yogurt .59
1 dessert topping 2.99
-.55 mq
1 Ronzoni smart taste pasta $1
-1/1 q from parents mag
Saved: $33.35 (and this does not include the Benevia clearance price savings which I usually include but  didn't)
Earned: $5 cat from Cheese
$2.50 cat from dessert topping

Transaction #2
4 silk soymilk at $2.99 ea
- BOGO x2
-$2/1 x 2
Cereal for Cal $2.39
Soy ice cream for me $2.99
2 Herdez Salsa at $1.79 ea
-.50 MQ bought on Ebay x2
2 packages Laura's lean gr beef on Manager's special at $2.69 ea
2 packages LL gr beef patties on MS at $2.97 ea
-2 off beef when you buy Herdez salsa  bought on ebay
6 travel sominex on clearance for .50
-2/1 qs x6 (also bought on Ebay back when this was a MM at Publix, they expire TODAY!)
-$5 cat
-$2.50 cat
= $4.46
Saved: $48.52

YMMV on getting overage at Kroger. Yes, the Sominex coupons beeped but then so did my Silk ones and even my Ronzoni where there was no overage involved. Benevia does not as the original price is $7.99 I think. My cashier pushed them all through.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Awesome Rite Aid trip- July 26

Had another great trip to Rite Aid! I also got in the mail last week my two skin care gift cards, which I use to help pay the tax on my Rite Aid trips!

Today I spent $5 off my gift card plus .62 oop and saved..... $95.28!!! And not on useless fillers for the most part, I got quite a few things I needed too.

Transaction #1
1 colgate $3
2 Stayfree $3ea= $6
2 Rolaids softchew $1ea=$2
1 Nivea lotion $5.99
1 Reach Toothbrush $3.99
1 Breathe right $3.99=
-1 Colgate SS 7/11
-3 Stayfree BOGO RP 6/27
-4 Rolaids 4/2 RP 6/06
-3 Nivea RP 7/25
-1 reach toothbrush IP
-1.50 Breathe right RP 4/11
- $6 UP rewards from last week
= .47 plus $1.85 tax= $2.32
Earned: $2.99 SCR(reach)
$8 UP rewards

Transaction #2
1 lunch box/bag $4.99 (on sale 50% off)
1 Listerine $5.49
4 Rolaids $1 ea=$4
2 Nivea men's body wash $1.99 ea = $3.98
1 Brawny Paper Towels $6.99=
-1 Listerine IP
(-1 Listerine VV- forgot mine)
- (2) $4/2 rolaids= -8
-4/2 Nivea body wash IP
-.50 Brawny RP 6/27  =
-$6 Up rewards= .95
with tax= $2.84
Earned: $7 UP rewards

Transaction #3
1 Colgate $3
2 Rolaids $2
-1 colgate
-4 rolaids=
0 plus .46 tax
Earned: $3 UP

I have $15 UP rewards for next time.

Finals July 18-24

This was a hard week to shop with the kids home and the heat, but I still managed to go a little over what I had hoped anyway! I did have several AWESOME trips to Publix though and I saved a ton this week!

Spent: $57.42
Saved: $449.64
Earned: $15 SCR

Spent: $5.44
Saved: $94.91

Spent: $2.79
Saved: $41.37

Spent: $1.37
Saved: $52.66

It was Kroger that sent some of my totals up but I did alright there this week too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rite Aid July 18-24

This is the last week for the July SCR period.  RA is also changing things up- not for the best for us, sadly! Starting with the July Video Values, they are coded for ONE use only, which is a bummer, but understandable, I suppose:) This was still a good week though, and the Garnier VV q that I used was from June so I was able to use 4 of those still. This first transaction is from Brandy of I prefer Publix, with one change as the IP for the Smooth Move tea is out of prints.

2 Garnier cleansers $6.29
1 Dulcolax $9.99
1 Axe body spray/deo $3.99
Total: $26.26
-5/25 ip
-(2) x $5 In ad q for Garnier= -$10
-(2) x $2 VV q for garnier = -$4
-(2) x $1 Mq for Garnier RP 7/11
-(1) x$4 Dulcolax IP or SS 5/16
-(1) x$1 axe VV q
-(1) x $1 Axe mq (Ip but don't know where I got it from)

$1.55 with tax
Earned: $9.99 SCR
$3 UP reward garnier
$1Up Axe

Cover Girl Lash Blast $6.99
Cover Girl Smokey Shadow Blast $6.99
Motrin PM $5.99
Dove Body Wash $4.99
Total: $24.96
- $2 CG Lashblast PG 6/06
- free eye enhancer when you buy mascara -6.99 PG 7/04
-$1.25 Dove MQ RP 6/27
-$1 Dove VV q
-$1 Motrin pm mq 7/18
-$3 Motrin pm in ad q
-$1 Motrin pm VV q
-$3 UP from last transaction=
.72 or $2.84 with tax
Earned: $5 SCR (covergirl)
$1 UP Dove
$2 UP Motrin PM

2 Garnier @ $6.29 ea
1 Cottonelle TP $6.99
2 Kotex @ $3.50 ea

All the Garnier qs from the 1st transaction
-$1 Cottonelle VV q
-.50 Cottonelle Mq SS 7/11 or IP
-(2) kotex by U MQ IP
-(1) kotex VV q from July
- $1 Up reward=
.07 or $2.07 with tax
$3 up Garnier
$1 up Cottonelle
$1 Up Kotex

Spent: $6.46
Saved: $94.52
earned: $14.99 SCR
Have $8 UP rewards left

Hope this helps! Change things around for what you need. I needed the TP and the mascara mostly and the Axe for my husband, so I worked everything else around what made me the most $$. Garnier is a MM and the Dulcolax is a big SCR amount!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CVS July 18-24

A few good deals to be had today. The first CVS I went to was already out of the Biotrue contact solution and the scanner machine was broken, so I bought only the pretzel M & Ms there and moved on to another one!
(2) Pretzel M&Ms @.50 ea= $1.00
- .50 BOGO coupon RP 6/27
Total: .58
Got back 1 ECB

(2) Biotrue solution 2 oz. $2.99 ea
(1) Celsius green tea $7.99
- (2) $2 biotrue IP
- $2 Celsius tea IP
-$7.97 ECB ($7.99 from last week adjusted down)
=.00 or .37 tax.
 Got back $13.97 ECB
Saved: $13.97

1 schick razor blades $8.99
5 cases of coke products 5/$13
-$4 schick q from All you july
- $14.97 ECB
= Sub: $3.02
Total: $4.86
Got back $4 ECB from razor blades.
Saved: $35.42

#4 free hand sanitizer pen
I forgot I had that coupon I received in an email and it expired today so grabbed that and paid nothing.
saved: $1.99

Spent: $5.81
Saved: $52.66
Have $9 ECBs left ($5 from last week and $4 from the razor refill!)
Hopefully this will keep my husband in soda for a while!

NOTE: I would normally have only done 2 transactions here- the m&ms were meant to be included in the first transaction and the hand sanitizer could have been in any of them- just forgot about it!

Weekly Totals July 11-17

Well another week of going way over budget; the next two weeks are going to be light on shopping for me! I feel somewhat caught up now from vacation- only took two weeks!

Spent: $115.70
Saved: $345.85

Spent TJ/WF: $92.25
Saved: $5.41

Earned: $4.69 SCR

Quite a bit worse than last week, even. I had a few more expensive trips to Kroger and I stocked up on ibuprophen at Rite Aid that ended up costing more than I had planned. I did have a few really good Publix trips though:
Spent: $13.55
Saved: $61.99
Spent: $9.90
Saved: $45.05

This is a great week for CVS so I will post that next! Rite Aid is good too, but we didn't get all the deals in our lame short ad, in fact, we didn't get the BEST deal, the Zegerid, so that is a big bummer.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drug store deals July 11-17

Not much in the way of drug store deals this week. Walgreens has NOTHING so unless you have RR expiring, I would skip it. Unfortunately, all $8 worth of RR that I had left expired TODAY so I had to go. It wasn't great.

CVS has a few deals this week and it is the beginning of the school supplies deals! Those are quite good.
I had hoped to get two packages of Cottonelle TP on the BOGO sale, but they rang up at $12.49 ea!!! That's a horrible price, even for CVS and I decided not worth it! Even at Wags, the regular price on the 12 pack is $5.99 and they are on sale at HT and Kroger this week for SO MUCH cheaper that I didn't wan to use up ALL my ECBS on that. They will have a better deal again.
Here's what I did:
1 Complete contact solution. $7.99
1 papermate pens 10 ct              .99
1 Scissors (for kids)                   .99

-2 mq on Contact (RP 5/16)
-8 ECB from last week
Subtotal: -.03
Total: .89
Got back: $7.99, .99 and .99 ECB for the above items and $1 more for the 4x on my bag tag!

(2) John Frieda products:
-3 Root awakening SS 6/06 (my last one or I would have used 2 of these!)
-2 JF product SS 6/06
-$2.98 ECB from previous transaction

Sub: $2.02
Total: $2.85
Got back $5 ECB for a total of $12.99 in ECB left for next time. My plan changed a little with the TP price so I couldn't use the $7.99 ECB without losing too much of it!
Saved(on both together):

I'm working on Rite Aid still!


So long time! We got back last week but last week was a whirl wind of trying to re-stock the house after coming back to NOTHING. I still have nothing, despite going quite a bit over my budget. I did stock up on meat some at Kroger, finding quite a few managers specials there this week. I went to Rite Aid, Target twice, CVS, and Publix 4 times trying to score some deals. Slim pickings. I hope this week is better! And I forgot several q's, $3 worth at Rite Aid which still annoys me and a couple more at Publix. Argg.

Spent $112.16
Saved: $407.51
Whole Foods: $16.07 (mostly soy yogurt at Kroger for Cal; he missed it but man, it's $1.25 ea there!)
Earned: $23.39 in SCR
$15 Target gift cards, $10 left.

I didn't post my June month end, it's a bit off because of preparing for traveling but here's what I got:
Month of June (may 30-June 26th)
Spent: $420.47
earned: $43 SCR
$30 GC (rite aid)

Then there is a "free" week . June 27-July 3rd I just did on it's own. We got back late on the 2nd. I shopped in Pinetop, AZ where the ONLY stores are a Safeway, a Walmart and a Walgreens. That is it.
I spent $65.84 that week, including a quick trip to Publix on the 3rd when we were back for a few vitals.
saved: $69.70 which is pretty bad for me! But the only savings at Walmart was a $1 coupon I had.

So onto the month of July!