Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly Totals July 11-17

Well another week of going way over budget; the next two weeks are going to be light on shopping for me! I feel somewhat caught up now from vacation- only took two weeks!

Spent: $115.70
Saved: $345.85

Spent TJ/WF: $92.25
Saved: $5.41

Earned: $4.69 SCR

Quite a bit worse than last week, even. I had a few more expensive trips to Kroger and I stocked up on ibuprophen at Rite Aid that ended up costing more than I had planned. I did have a few really good Publix trips though:
Spent: $13.55
Saved: $61.99
Spent: $9.90
Saved: $45.05

This is a great week for CVS so I will post that next! Rite Aid is good too, but we didn't get all the deals in our lame short ad, in fact, we didn't get the BEST deal, the Zegerid, so that is a big bummer.

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