Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kroger July 31

Just had a great trip to Kroger! I know I need to get into the picture taking more, but it's been so hot out, I pretty much want to get everything put away ASAP! I promise I'll take one of my Rite Aid trip this week though!

So today:
I did 2 transactions at Kroger:
5 Benevia on clearance 3.99 ea
-5/1 IP x 5
4 shredded cheese $2.99 ea
- 1/2 blinking x2
1 cheese slices $1.79
-.75 mq from Kroger mailer( soccer one I think)
1 clearance soy yogurt .59
1 dessert topping 2.99
-.55 mq
1 Ronzoni smart taste pasta $1
-1/1 q from parents mag
Saved: $33.35 (and this does not include the Benevia clearance price savings which I usually include but  didn't)
Earned: $5 cat from Cheese
$2.50 cat from dessert topping

Transaction #2
4 silk soymilk at $2.99 ea
- BOGO x2
-$2/1 x 2
Cereal for Cal $2.39
Soy ice cream for me $2.99
2 Herdez Salsa at $1.79 ea
-.50 MQ bought on Ebay x2
2 packages Laura's lean gr beef on Manager's special at $2.69 ea
2 packages LL gr beef patties on MS at $2.97 ea
-2 off beef when you buy Herdez salsa  bought on ebay
6 travel sominex on clearance for .50
-2/1 qs x6 (also bought on Ebay back when this was a MM at Publix, they expire TODAY!)
-$5 cat
-$2.50 cat
= $4.46
Saved: $48.52

YMMV on getting overage at Kroger. Yes, the Sominex coupons beeped but then so did my Silk ones and even my Ronzoni where there was no overage involved. Benevia does not as the original price is $7.99 I think. My cashier pushed them all through.

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