Sunday, July 11, 2010


So long time! We got back last week but last week was a whirl wind of trying to re-stock the house after coming back to NOTHING. I still have nothing, despite going quite a bit over my budget. I did stock up on meat some at Kroger, finding quite a few managers specials there this week. I went to Rite Aid, Target twice, CVS, and Publix 4 times trying to score some deals. Slim pickings. I hope this week is better! And I forgot several q's, $3 worth at Rite Aid which still annoys me and a couple more at Publix. Argg.

Spent $112.16
Saved: $407.51
Whole Foods: $16.07 (mostly soy yogurt at Kroger for Cal; he missed it but man, it's $1.25 ea there!)
Earned: $23.39 in SCR
$15 Target gift cards, $10 left.

I didn't post my June month end, it's a bit off because of preparing for traveling but here's what I got:
Month of June (may 30-June 26th)
Spent: $420.47
earned: $43 SCR
$30 GC (rite aid)

Then there is a "free" week . June 27-July 3rd I just did on it's own. We got back late on the 2nd. I shopped in Pinetop, AZ where the ONLY stores are a Safeway, a Walmart and a Walgreens. That is it.
I spent $65.84 that week, including a quick trip to Publix on the 3rd when we were back for a few vitals.
saved: $69.70 which is pretty bad for me! But the only savings at Walmart was a $1 coupon I had.

So onto the month of July!

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