Sunday, July 11, 2010

Drug store deals July 11-17

Not much in the way of drug store deals this week. Walgreens has NOTHING so unless you have RR expiring, I would skip it. Unfortunately, all $8 worth of RR that I had left expired TODAY so I had to go. It wasn't great.

CVS has a few deals this week and it is the beginning of the school supplies deals! Those are quite good.
I had hoped to get two packages of Cottonelle TP on the BOGO sale, but they rang up at $12.49 ea!!! That's a horrible price, even for CVS and I decided not worth it! Even at Wags, the regular price on the 12 pack is $5.99 and they are on sale at HT and Kroger this week for SO MUCH cheaper that I didn't wan to use up ALL my ECBS on that. They will have a better deal again.
Here's what I did:
1 Complete contact solution. $7.99
1 papermate pens 10 ct              .99
1 Scissors (for kids)                   .99

-2 mq on Contact (RP 5/16)
-8 ECB from last week
Subtotal: -.03
Total: .89
Got back: $7.99, .99 and .99 ECB for the above items and $1 more for the 4x on my bag tag!

(2) John Frieda products:
-3 Root awakening SS 6/06 (my last one or I would have used 2 of these!)
-2 JF product SS 6/06
-$2.98 ECB from previous transaction

Sub: $2.02
Total: $2.85
Got back $5 ECB for a total of $12.99 in ECB left for next time. My plan changed a little with the TP price so I couldn't use the $7.99 ECB without losing too much of it!
Saved(on both together):

I'm working on Rite Aid still!

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