Monday, June 21, 2010

Rite Aid- June 20-26

We leave on vacation on Wed so I am going crazy getting ready for that! I did manage to make it to Rite Aid yesterday though. I didn't see anything to get excited about at CVS this week and I might go to Wags if I have time to roll a few RR that expire next Sunday. There IS a Walgreens where we are going in AZ but NO Rite Aid! I haven't checked for a CVS yet.

So the biggest deal at RA this week is the Motrin PM-20 ct
Transaction #1
1 motrin pm 20 ct $3
-$3 Mq from RP 4/18
pay  .28 tax
Get back $3 UP reward

1 motrin $3
2 U Kotex $3.50 ea =$7
1 Colgate total $2.99
1 Clariol hair color $7.49=
-$5/20 VV
-$3/1 Motrin
-$2/2 Kotex SS 5/16
-(2) $1/1 Kotex VV q's (maybe from last month?)
-$1 Colgate SS 6/06
-$1 Clariol PB 6/06
-$2.50 in ad q clairol
-$3 Up q from previous transaction
Sub: .98
Total with tax: $2.41
Get Back:
$3 Up from Motrin
$2 Up from colgate
$2 Up from Clariol
 Submit for $3 SCR for Kotex

I had 5 motrin q's so I did 2 more single transactions just for the $3 UP one of which didn't print (4 out of 5 did- can't explain why the one in the middle didn't. If I have time I will try to return it and re- buy it if they will let me)

then I bought some stuff I really needed; I'm about out of my Aveeno face moisturizer so i decided to try the Garnier skin care as it was on sale and has coupons;

Last transaction:

Garnier eye cream $13.49
Garnier moisturizer $6.74 (bogo 50%)
Motrin pm
2 Snap and seal boxes for the kids in the car $1.50 ea=$3
Total: $26.23
-(2) $1/1 Garnier MQ RP 3/07
-(2) $2/1 Garnier VV q (from this month!)
-$3 Motrin
-$10 UP coupons from previous transactions ( $2, $2, $3 $3)
I should have had one more $3 from the one Motrin that didn't print.  But without it:
Subtotal: $2.23
with tax: $4.19
Got back:
$3 UP reward for next time
and the Garnier completed my skin care rebate buy $50 of qualified products get a $25 gift card with an extra $5 bonus from Wellness.
SO NOT bad for getting some items I needed!

Total spent:
$7.44 (and $4.19 of that came off my allergy rewards gift card that I got this week!)
Total Saved:
Earned: $6 SCR (3 for Kotex and I had an "only for you" email deal  for $3 back on Clairol) plus a $30 GC! And $3 UP reward leftover.

FYI: this is the last week for the June SCR period. After you have entered your receipts your final purchases for the week, you can request your check for the month! Hopefully you got some in last week, this week, not much in the way of SCR but good UP rewards!

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  1. Great deals! I hope my store gets in more Motrin PM so I can use the rest of my q's. :)

    I need some more Aveeno moisturizer's the only thing I can use. This might be a good time to get it. I think there's a $2/1 In-ad Aveeno q next week... will have to check on that.

    oh you reminded me I need to check to see when the skincare ends- July sometime? I have to finish that up on my grandmother's card for her! :)