Sunday, June 13, 2010

CVS June 13-19

As promised here is my CVS deal for the week. I just went so this is how it went down. I needed TP so I make a deal to get it for free!

2 old Spice (or Gillette body wash) $4 ea
1 Cottonelle 12 pk $5.97
2 Clip on repellent refills $2.99 ea
1 Dove chocolate bar .89

At the scanner machine I didn't get the body wash q that some others are getting but I DID get a free Dove candy bar or $2 off a bag.

1 BOGO Old Spice q (PG 6/6) -$4
1 Cottonelle - From All You July-$1
2  Clip on Ip from CVS site -$3 ea (were adjusted down to $2.99) -$5.98
1 Dove CVS q took off the full $2! -$2
8 ECB from a couple weeks ago -$8
I had to throw in a .33 carmel or lose some of my ECB
Subtotal: .19
Total: $2.15
Saved: $31.48
Got back 8 ECBs!! Not 4. It says limit one but it is actually limit 2 on the body wash!
I have $9 ECB for next time.

So not bad for 3 items I really needed- the TP and the 2 Clip on refills. And free chocolate!

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