Monday, May 24, 2010

Finals Week of May 16-22

I didn't shop much this week and what I did was a little pricey for me anyway at Publix! Had to get a few essentials. I did do really well at HT Super doubles though and plan to go back for more today or tomorrow.

Spent: $49.11
Saved: $117.27
Trader Joes: $17.38
Costco: $26.74

I only buy a very few items at Costco and not often. I don't always count it either but this was all food- 3 items- so seems fair. I buy their organic natural Peanut Butter, just cause we really like it and there's no sugar or anything added to it, mozerella cheese sticks (the ONLY brand my 5 yr old will eat), and pork chops. Costco had the best pork in our area,  hands down. I usually buy meat at Kroger but I really don't like their pork and Publix pork is too expensive and often tough. They had a great deal too at Costco. I got 9 boneless pork loin chops for $9.20 or something like that!

HT Superdoubles
Spent: $13.34
Saved: $51.95!
Not bad for HT
I did get home only to discover the two items I REALLY needed were not to be found. Anywhere. Weird. I'm going to have to go back and get some more Thyme.

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