Monday, May 3, 2010

Awesome CVS trip May 3rd

I had a great trip to CVS, despite having my kids with me (no school due to flooding).

I bought:
4 nivea body wash     $4.88 ea x 4= $19.52
1 colgate total toothpaste                     $2.99
1 smart rinse listerine for kids              $3.99
5 cases of coke products  $3.25x4 =   $13.00 (1 was free with the buy 4 for $13 get one free deal)
= $39.50 plus tax= $42.52
-$5/40 (from the scanner a few weeks back, had expired but she let me use it!)
-$2/2 any body wash that printed from the machine when I scanned my card the second time
- $4.88 BOGO Nivea q from All you May (I think)
-$4 x3 Nivea body wash from RP 5/2
-$1 Colgate from All you April
-$1 Listerine (insert don't know when)
-$1 coke from recycle bank
-$11.99 ECBs from before
= .63!!
plus a ton of tax= $3.65 oop and I got back 9 ECBs for next time!

My savings were somewhat negated by then having to buy Silly Banzs for my boys who had fiddled with the packaging so much it was coming apart, I felt I HAD to buy them, and really, I don't buy them stuff much when I shop as I'm always trying to stick to  a budget. These did NOT factor into my budget! :)


  1. ha another mom who had to drag her kids with her to CVS due to no school from flooding. I did good even with mine with me also-kept it small and simple and managed to not forget anything or do anything wrong:)

  2. Always tough with distracting kids in tow!