Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finals- weekly and Rite Aid info

Since it looks like the weather is going to keep me from my final shop of the week and month to Kroger, time to post the finals.
 Week#4 April 25th- May1st

Spent: $52.85
Saved: $245.46
Earned: $18 SCR (rite aid) and $10 RR (wags)

This included 4 small trips to Publix, 2 to Wags and 2 somewhat disasterous trips to Rite Aid. I chalk the Rite Aid up to my learning curve on that one, since I've just started going there. And what did I learn?
Do NOT go to the Grassland store. The manager there wouldn't even put through my Stayfree coupon for -$2 because the product was on sale for $1.99 nor would he adjust it down to $1.99. What? I had several more problems and decided it's just not worth it. The Franklin store on 96 is much nicer and easier to deal with.  AND it's good to note here, ALWAYS check the ad. We don't not get all the national sales. I bought the Dove shampoo before i even realized it's not on sale here, only everywhere else. We get here what is known as the short ad, not the ad most of the rest of the country gets, which is LAME but there you have it.

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