Monday, March 1, 2010

Kroger deals and profile

I went to the Nolensville Rd Kroger at Concord Rd. to test out their claim to take Publix coupons as a competitor. I mentioned this at our class on Sat, but wanted to see what happened when I actually came in with one. I only used 4: 2 Sundown and 2 Men's Sure deodorant. These are actually a better deal at Kroger right now, IF you can use the Publix coupon.

Sure $2
-$1.50 mq from SS 2/28
-1.00 Publix green advantage buy store q. =
-.50 overage!

Sundown BOGO until March 6.

Folic Acid $2.89 for 2
-1/1 mq x2 RP 2/21, RP 1/24
-6/2 Publix store coupon=
-5.11 overage on two!

It did not go seamlessly- the cashier did have to ask, the bagger gave her opinion- (could only take one of the $6/2) but in the end all 4 were taken off. I do try to limit this at it IS a loss to the store and I think they are more willing to do it in lower quantities. On the other hand,  I could easily have gone across the street to Publix for the same items for overage there too (not as much, but I had that option)

I also had overage with the Nature's bounty q's explained here.

Other deals:
The Nature valley granola bars are a good deal and the catalina DOES print. Buy 4, get $3 off next order.
They are $2.29 ea
-.40 IP which doubles to .80
-.40 cellfire/shortcuts
=1.09 ea
I had 4 mq and 4 ecoupons for a total of 4 for $4.36 then- $3 catalina= 1.36 for all 4 boxes!
HOw did I get I get 4 ecoupons to come off? Not planned but I had one each already loaded from both cellfire and shortcuts, then they both had new ones to load so I did and all 4 came off.

General Mills cereal 2.99 these are the HUGE boxes so $1.45 is a good price for these.
-1 mq (various- see Southern Savers list)
.55 ecoupons
I bought two- sadly couldn't find my Honey Nut Cheerios q but will go back for that one.
The Cart Buster savings event goes through March 13th, I believe.

Laura's Lean beef $2.79!
-1/1 IP
This is regularly $4.99, and the shelf tag says it's $3.45 but it rings up at $2.79 for the 1lb chub.

What didn't match up with SSsavers list?
Arnold's bread is not BOGO but is on sale for $1.99, not too bad but I've seen better.
Also, I didn't see any Reach toothbrushes for $1.

On the plus side, Sunday papers are $1 after Sunday and they had tons. I was there last SAT and they still had them left. SO a great resource if you didn't get enough papers on any given Sunday (like me yesterday). I bought 3 there today.

OOP $20.29 ($6.19 of that tax)
Saved: 96.81

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