Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finals week of March 14-20

Better late than never? I went a little over last week but still should make my month's goal, or close to it. We seem to always be out of SOMETHING which is frustrating. Now it's meat and cereals my kids like- too bad they don't like Kashi!
Also, I tried Rite Aid for the first time. Not included in my savings is the $25 SCR I'll get back next month!

Spent: $71.09
Saved: $376.76

I went to Kroger 3x this week! yikes!
Trip #1
Spent: $19.59
Saved: $143.05- this includes getting my bag of Tyson chicken nuggets for FREE because it rang up wrong- remember to always point that out as Kroger's policy is to give you pricing error items for free (1 of each item only)
 Trip #2
This was a quick trip to get my newspapers for $1 and to pick up a few things I forgot the day before!
Spent: $5.71
Saved: $28.36

Spent: $24.59
Saved: $90.46
Spent a little more than planned! They were out of some of my MM and I really needed some things.
I did get free Smart taste Ronzoni pasta though! And am going back for more.
Mega event continues this week.

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