Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly totals- Feb 28- mar 6

A little late in posting; been a crazy weekend.

Spent: $66.08
Saved: $341.75

I made my monthly Trader Joe's trip and a very small Whole Foods trip, as they didn't have our soy yogurt in. But in my strange way of figuring, I take off the cost of the yogurt from my Kroger bill (they carry a smaller selection of flavors) and add it to my WF bill, to keep it straight in MY head at least:)
Totals: $94.02

A breakdown:
Spent: 40.45 (two trips)
Saved: $192.49

Spent: $8.67 (two trips)

I only went to Publix once:
Spent: $3.82
Saved: $39.35

And I went to Target which I try not to do too much. I always spend more than I plan to there!
Spent: $13.75
Saved: $28.61 and submitted for Olay $15 rebate.
Of course, I had planned for the $5 gift card for the Olay too, but I guess it was over by the time I did this deal as I did not get it:(

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