Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly totals: March 7-13

Here are my totals for this week. I tried to hit CVS today after a long drought of good deals. Still not much. They were out of the Stayfree- the only really good deal right now,  hopefully I 'll get it before the month ends. I wish they'd get some good deals happening. I miss CVSing. I'm going to try Rite Aid, I think this week. They seem to be having a TON of deals. So far I've been avoiding it, but it's time to dive in!
I am also planning a Kroger trip tomorrow, so check back for the deals!

Spent: $64.67
Saved: $278.79

Looks like I went to Publix the most this week. Combined totals for 3 trips:
Spent: $32.58
Saved: $159.43

This includes tablecloths and a few forgotten q's hate that but still not bad!

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