Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Totals and month end

I didn't get to shop much this week. Missed out on Rite Aid, sadly!

Spent: $46.63
Saved: $206.76

While March isn't over yet, it's been 4 wks so I did my monthly totals. This week is just going to be a random week all on its own! Next week starts April 4 week period  which will go  April 4- May 1. Just as well as I have Easter dinner to plan for 11 plus food for that many for 4 days!

Spent: $393.84
Saved: $1207.36
WF/TJ: $145.37

I went quite a bit over in my WF budget, but made up for it in the other. If I didn't shop there at all, I'd really be saving!!!

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