Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kroger 3/9

I had to go to Kroger today to make sure I got this past Sunday's  paper with my two boys. Not so much fun but there is both good and bad news.
The good: Nature's Bounty is still BOGO- until the 27th! As is Sundown.
Also, the Energizer batteries are still $1 so with the .75 q from the tearpads that have been around forever only .25! The tearpads at my store were gone, but I had 6 from over the last few months.
Annie's Mac and cheese only $1 a box! I never saw this advertised so hopefully a deal at other stores too!

The Bad: Those ecoupons that you get from playing the basketball game at the Kroger website? Didn't come off. I have "won" a $5 off your order and a free King size Reese's PB cup ( which I bought  as a bribe for the boys and was suppose to be free). So I will have to contact Kroger about that.
Secondly, I bought theses Betty Crocker pouch potatoes- something I don't buy and we don't eat- but I had thought to get overage- forgetting that at Kroger, mq double but only up to the point where there are free. There was still overage possible IF you had the ecoupon but I forgot that while I searched for it,  I didn't ever find it.

Spent: $18.95 (should be $6 less- and I've always gotten e-coupons credited.....)
Saved: $69.17

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