Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Publix 3/7 and 3/9

I've had two good Publix trips this week at DIFFERENT Publix stored than my fav Maryland Farms.
On Sunday I went to Nipper's Corner, generally not known for coupon friendliness but I had a great manager training a cashier and she appreciated all my examples to train him on! She was very nice!
I did forget one $2 off coupon to that is a bummer. I also bought 2 tablecloths on clearance that totally $3.07 for both, so a little more there than I planned but will be great for camping.
Spent: $17.68
Saved: $74.58
Including extras and errors.

Trip #2  I had a few minutes during my son's gymnastics class to get in my last Publix trip- I wanted to get my pasta sauce that I didn't get on Sun as I was waiting for my Multiply Your Savings booklet to come in the mail and it did! And I found another one at the Fieldstone Farms Publix. There were nice to and are keen to get couponers business - a pleasant change from those who would rather we stayed away!- but on the downside, their prices are MUCH higher. I wanted to get more Quaker bars before the sale ended too and they were actually .50 more a piece there- not that I noticed til after I bought them and compared receipts at home but that's a lot!
Spent: $3.52
Saved: $33.21

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