Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Totals and month end

Totals this week:
Spent: $67.16
Saved: $182.77

No CVS this past week, or the coming one. Very lame ads these last few weeks, sadly.
My totals would have been VERY low if I hadn't of gone to HT, always a mistake.... but still under budget.

Regular budget: $285.50
TJ/WF: $136.91
Total spent: $422.41
Saved: $1,110.27

So not bad. Trying to get under $400 now. Budget was set at $425 so I did make it!


  1. Hi Colleen! Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. You're doing really great with your budget and you definitely save more than I do! I've only been couponing a few months now so there's a lot I'm still learning. I find all the planning and coupon matching to be very time consuming yet worth it because I save so much.


  2. It IS time consuming, but addicting. Once you KNOW you can save, it's hard to just go pay full price anymore. Thanks for commenting- I only started the blog a few months ago, so not too many people read it yet:)