Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coupon Disappointment/extra papers

This is a good week to get extra papers; there are certainly some good coupons this week.
I was disappointed though, that we didn't get the Tropicana OJ coupon. This is a staple in our house. My youngest HAS to have it in the morning- it's his coffee! I did buy some already on Ebay but that won't help my tomorrow when I finally head to HT to hit up Super doubles. I had been waiting specifically for THIS coupon. Oh well. We may get it next week, who knows. It's listed on Hot Coupon World for this week and next. But again, won't help with the sale that ends this Tues.

Where to get papers: CVS has them for $1 with your Extra care card but BEWARE!! they are often missing the coupon inserts. I checked through 8 plus papers at my favorite CVS (Nolensville and Haywood) a couple weeks ago when there were 4 inserts and not one had ANY inserts. NONE. Zero. And during the ice storm, I had to look through 4 to find just one that had both inserts at the Brentwood CVS. So always check!
So now I get them at Publix where, for a time, they are $1.19. The Tennessean seems to cycle through the stores that get a deal. It's been .99 at Walgreens and Kroger too, but not currently. And they all tell me the price is set by the Tennessean, not the stores.

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