Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tropicana Rewards

Now this is a rewards program worth signing up for- esp. if you regularly buy Tropicana OJ like we do! I finally took some time to enter my first code and see what I could get for 7 pts. And I was pleasantly surprised! Points can be redeemed for 2 for 1 or % off discounts on many local activities- like 2 for 1 at the Franklin Jump zone- AND that only costs 1 pt. 1 point and I saved $7! They also had 2 for 1 Discovery Center for 1 pt ( a $6 savings) and we were JUST there on Tues, (bummer)  and 2 for 1 Harpeth gymnatics PNO!! That is a $20 savings for 4 pts. My son takes a class there but we've never done the Parents Night Out as it would cost us $40 for the two kids! But $20 for both is pretty good- and I believe that includes pizza! This is just a few things local to Nashviille, they have it for every state and area.
Now, I haven't tried to REDEEM any yet, but I will. I'm going to try the jump zone one really soon and if it works as claimed- good deal!
And to get you started on points- Tropicana OJ is part of the awesome Mega sale at Kroger this week- it's at a low price of 2.39  when you buy 10 participating items. Not bad for fresh juice plus can use some overage to cover the cost. This costs $3.79 regular price at Publix, but is OFTEN on sale for $3. There are no coupons, trust me I've looked.

Go here to sign up

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