Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finals Week of April 18-24

I was on track to come in under budget until last night. I had not planned to shop on Sat, but had to run into Kroger to get some potatoes when I discovered mine had gone off. While there, i had to look for manager special meat, found 2 Laura's lean gr beef that I really needed and picked up a gr. turkey breast- my fav but not cheap. It was on sale for $3.99.
Also, on Thur I HAD to buy some chewable motrin for my oldest son who had a fever. Both Target and Walgreens were out of it so I was forced in the end to pay full retail for Wags brand. I found out today when I went in to stockup on it at Wags armed with the in ad q and my mq that expires 4/30, that it's been recalled so THAT'S why it was out everywhere! So, you will see in the next post, I had to go with the liquid Motrin again, which my younger son prefers.
Spent: $75.91
Saved: $244.71 (did lose one receipt from Kroger so had to guess on the savings. i went conservative on my guess so perhaps saved $5 more or so!)
I will also get back $3.49 SCR from Rite Aid and I walked away with $20 in RR from Wags

Whole Foods:
Saved: $5.57

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