Saturday, April 24, 2010

Publix Trip 4/23

Awesome trip to Publix last night!
Spent: $13.09
Saved: $89.57

Got a ton of needed items- I actually made money on our number one staple: Silk soymilk! Amazing!
The MM were back in stock which helped, but also there are really good deals this week; lots of free or close to free items. There were out out a few things so I did get a raincheck and I do hope to hit up another Publix at least one more time before this ad ends. I went to Nippers last night. There have a bad rep for couponers but I have to say my last 3-4 trips there have been quite good. Perhaps they are changing? Still don't take competitors though so I do have to go elsewhere for those (few) deals.

I'll break down the Silk for ya
On sale this week 2/$5= $2.50 ea
Buy 2= $5
use 1 BOGO q (regional- I bought a bunch on Ebay)-2.50
-2 q on the one you're paying for (also bought on Ebay)
(2)-.55 Publix q earth booklet or online at

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