Sunday, January 31, 2010

CVS Trip Jan 31st

Many people wonder how to make CVS work. It IS daunting at first but so worth figuring out! They have the best customer service  and they GIVE you money to spend in their store! How great is that? Yes, their regular prices are very high but when you work it out, you can usually pay only tax or a few dollars at most. It does take some time to build up some ECBs but not TOO long:) ECBs are the free money CVS gives you to use in their store to buy items where you earn more ECBs. The trick is to always get something which gives you ECBs back.
Here's how my trip went today to work a few scenarios for you:
I had quite a few ECBs to start this time. 5 were from taking a quiz where they "paid" me $5 in ECBs. How cool is that? CVS also regularly sends out emails with $/$$ coupons too. I also had a $5/30 for this trip.
Transaction #1
1 colgate max toothpaste- 2.99
2 Dove men's body wash- 5.49x2- 10.98
1 newspaper-1
1/1 colgate
2- 1.25/1 men's dove
10 ECBs
subtotal: 1.47
total: 2.33
 I had a $1.50 ECB I could of had adjusted down to 1.47 for this but there was suddenly a HUGE line and I hadn't thought it out with the paper, so just paid that.
Earned: 2 ECBs for the colgate and 10.98 for the Dove!

3 12 pack coke- 3/$11
2 Fabreeze carpet sprays- $4.49x2- 8.98
1 tide- 10.96
1 dove chocolate bar- .50

BOGO Fabreeze-4.49
.50 fabreeze
-1 tide
free Dove bar (cvs q from magic scanner) -.50
10.98 ECB from above transaction and a 9 ECB I had adjusted down to 8.97.
Subtotal: .00
Tax: 2.31
Earned: 10 ECB for P&G deal
Still have the 2 from the colgate and the 1.50 from before.

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