Saturday, January 2, 2010

Publix Trip Jan.2

Had a good trip to Publix (Maryland Farms for the Nashvillians)  today to start off the New Year! I had several things I had run out of over Dec.- too much other shopping to keep up on everything so I had to come up with some overage to cover some of it anyway. The cashier also got confused with which coupons she had scanned and which she hadn't. Upon looking it over, I found she had missed one .40 which would have doubled to .80 but she did two .55 cent ones twice so I figure it all evens out more or less!

Spent: $21.00
Saved: $102.47

Not too bad for me, considering I had to get coffee for my husband (totally out and boy was he grumpy without it today!:), some meat, and some produce. We're almost out of Advil too and I was able to get that for free plus $1.40 MM on two 50 ct. bottles.

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