Friday, January 29, 2010

Thur night trips

I had to shop Thur night before the big snow storm hit today! I went to Food Lion for the first- and last- time for the 60% store closing sale. The shelved were nearly bare by the time I made it there. Found a few things, not sure if it was a good deal or not?

Publix rocked though. Sad to see the Green Advantage expire today- wanted to make one last trip but alas, trapped at home.
OOP: 6.57 (mostly tax)
Saved: 77.56
After the last trip with my bad math, I wanted to make sure I bought enough:) And this was even at the not- so- coupon -friendly Nipper's Corner store. I had to make sure to have more items than coupons as they will not override at this store for that. Nor do they take many competitors but I had only Manuf. and Publix store to use anyway.

Kroger mega sale:
OOP: 29.15
Saved: 50.66
Got back: $3 off catalina for next time for meat
So-so. There are a few q's missing. My tomato one isn't on there nor did one cellfire come off. This also includes Soy yogurt which is part of my Whole Foods/TJ budget.

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