Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wags Sept 15

I had RR expiring today do had to get this deal done! I had tried once on Mon and one of my coupons wouldn't go through. So I came home, checked it out, it was fine so I tried again today at a different store and they were willing to push it through! So, only one transaction but an expensive one, so the tax was high (darn TN state sales tax!)

3 Dulcolax 4.1 oz 6.99x3= 20.97
2 Nyquil 5.00 x 2= 10
2 Schick intuition refills  =21.98
2 seed packets on clearance  .16 ea x 2= .28
-10.99 bogo sale on schick
-8 (2)  4 schick facebook qs (the ones to cause all the problems)
-16 (2) 8 Dulcolax try me free IP
-3 Dulcolax SS 8/08 or 9/12
-6 Dulcolax Wags Sept coupon book q (2 ea)
-3  (2) 1.50 Nyquil q's
- 4RR
-1RR ( I had a 2RR I should have used but did the math wrong- oh well)
Subtotal: $1.28
+lots of tax=
Saved: $64.13
Got back 5RR (Nyquil)

There is a better deal with the Nyquil Vanilla swirl but of course, not to be found here yet as seems to be the case with any new products:  we get it later. It does sound disgusting though, and we actually will use the gel caps! And I LOVE the schick intuition razor. So easy to use. While I don't need the Dulcolax, it helped pay for what I did need.

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