Saturday, October 2, 2010

Month end totals- Sept 2010

I haven't posted my totals in a while and now it's time for the whole month!
So for the last two weeks:

Sept 19-25
Spent: $36.86 reg
$9.65 TJ
Saved: $256.76
Earned: $13.59 SCR, 17 UPs, $16 ECBs, $6 cats

Sept 26-Oct 2
Spent: $115.18 (made up for last week!)
TJ: $52.14
Saved: $548.02
Earned: $58.50 UP, $4 SCR, $5 cat, $5 RR, and free pink cookware of some kind.

Sept 5-Oct 2
Spent: $372.02
Saved: $1,711.65!!

Under budget this month! Oct may not be, with extra birthday expenses and a beach vacation planned.

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