Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yearly Totals!!

I know I haven't posted since Sept sometime but this is a big moment. And maybe I'll blog again in 2011! Who knows? It's helpful for me, anyway for keeping track, even if no one reads it!

 Yearly Totals:
$4,781.26 which equals $91.95 a week


earned (more or less): (through rite aid SCR and MIR)
$492.46 plus a few free movie tickets and a cookware set!


  1. I read! (But *they* say it's best to write as if no one reads, so that way you're writing for yourself, rather than for others, and it makes it more honest, or some such like that.) :-)

    Good savings last year!

  2. Nice year. :) Way to go!!

    Hi Melissa! Seems as though we arrive at the same blogs all the time (wink).

  3. PS - I used to live in Nashville. Were you one of my readers in Nashville for I Love Publix? How did you find my new blog (West Coast Savings)?

  4. Thanks for commenting!! This year I want to keep track of how much of my total is TAX! We have such high tax in TN, I bet almost a third of that is food and sales tax- esp at Rite aid where all I spend is tax mostly!

  5. Kelly, I am a good friend of Brandy's! She told me about your new blog. I heard about your original one but wasn't a member. Brandy and I also met through her blog! My boys call her my coupon friend!

  6. Awesome. Brandy is my old couponing buddy from Nashville. She followed my blog when I was in Nashville and we used to run into each other in the store all the time. We always seemed to shop at the same time. LOL.